Love. Always. Wins. 

These photos popped up on Facebook in that little “On this Day” section. You know the one that makes you all fuzzy and nostalgic inside when it shows memory from 1+ years ago? 

3 years ago and before babies. ☺️ Looking at this photo randomly made me think…
It’s so easy in the hard (and sometimes very hard). times in marriage to think that maybe it’s always been that way. I remember in one of our toughest seasons in marriage, which has been pretty recently, I actually said the words, “We have always struggled.” In that hardest time to date, I was in so much pain, caught up so much in the bad and the hopelessness that was swirling around us that all I could remember was the bad. I literally began to think that the bad had ALWAYS outweighed the good. And that was so like the enemy to try and make me forget. To make me think that we just weren’t good together. And maybe never were. 
The thing is…the truth is…

The laughs, the snuggles, the midnight candy and chocolate runs, the Lost marathon, the staying home in our sweatpants even when we were invited to dress up and go out, because at the end of the day all we wanted to do was connect with each other. The picking on each other in ways you only can with someone who knows you better than you know yourself. The seeing you ugly cry and still thinking you’re beautiful because it’s about the fact you feel the safest in their arms and not about your outward appearance. The vulnerability. The knowing WHO you are because of WHOSE you are despite any mistakes you’ve made and speaking those truths over you, calling you higher because they KNOW the real you. The fact that in any hard time they have ALWAYS stood by you, encouraged you, loved you unconditionally, pursued you, sacrificed them self for you, and given you a place to call home that’s not made with 4×4 and nails. 

In this, I’ve realized how much I lost sight of. May I never lose sight of ALL THE GOOD! May I never forget that in true love and living with an open heart, you will experience some really deep pain, but by keeping your heart open, you will experience the deepest love! And LOVE. ALWAYS. WINS! 

“Therefore, what God has joined together, let no man seperate.” 

Mark 10:9