Lost in Black & White

There is a quote that says, “No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.”

This I find to be so true! Me and my husband love to read. One of our new found favorite “mini” dates is getting in the car after work and heading to the library. It’s like an exciting adventure to see what we can come away with. No lie, I feel quite intimidated when I go with him though. He’s is a machine in a library. He meets me all in a time span of about ten minutes with at least three large books, and then proceeds to show me about five more that he already has on his mental “what to read next” list. Oh, and don’t let me forget he’s already on the library website requesting new reads to come in from other libraries through this system called the “inter-library loan”. On top of that, he is the most diverse reader I’ve ever met. He is a history major so he’s always got some kind of historical novel in there, but then he will have a scientific fantasy novel and then a book about Abraham Lincoln being a vampire or something like that. I believe that is why he is so smart, he never puts boundaries on himself when he reads. Do you see what I mean? Intimidating… This is a guy who reads a 350 page book in a day–not kidding. Meanwhile, he says, “What did you find?” I timidly hold up the latest little Nicholas Sparks novel I haven’t read yet (yeah just one), and you bet your sweet speed-reading hiney I will probably take the full three week time limit to read it. Hey , it’s just the way we are, but all our reading differences aside, we share the same love of reading and it’s become one of our favorite things to go do together.

I say I only read one book at a time, and normally I do, but pregnancy changes a lot of things. It wasn’t until I started compiling my list to share with you that I realized I’m literally reading all of these right now. Uh oh folks, she’s getting cool!

I’m going to share my latest reads from spiritual reading to even pregnancy reading and give you a little review on what I think. If you’re looking for your next “good read”, I hope to inspire you. And for all the soon-to-be mommies out there, we go into like crazy new mom mode trying to read up on everything before little one gets here, so hopefully you find some inspiration as well.

Enjoy your day friends!

First book on our list:

Photo Sep 04, 10 23 45 AM

This book will blow your mind! So often we look at books that talk about forgiveness and walk the other way because we’ve heard all the religious spiritual ritual before. I’m here to tell you that this book gets to the heart where forgiveness can freely flow, and THAT’S the truth of forgiveness. Learning to free our own hearts from the ice prison we’ve locked it in is just the first step. This is a magnificent read! Go pick it up.


Photo Sep 03, 8 32 04 AM

Blessing Your Spirit by Arthur Burke is such an amazing book. They are daily Spirit blessing you read over your spirit to bring it to life. If you’ve never done spirit blessings, let me tell you that they are amazing. We have the authority to call our spirit to attention and speak life into it. Every day has a new area to bless your spirit in, and I love the depth at which he calls our spirits forth. You will feel the daily difference. It’s amazing!

And next:

Photo Sep 03, 12 45 24 PM

The Healing Codes is for any of you who believe like I do–God and science aren’t separate. God created all things and said they were good. He is in science and every health related issue is related across the board to every other issue in our life. This book shows that truly every little ailment all the way to cancer has a root source to stress and stress alone. Not the surface level stress we experience on a daily basis, but because of surface level stress or trauma, or emotional pain left unresolved sends our nervous system shutting down and before you know it–too much pressure on any one area untreated for too long is bound to break. He tells about how, on a plane home from a medical seminar, he was crying out to God for a way to heal his wife from severe bi-polar depression for the majority of their marriage. Nothing worked, medicine, nothing. God encountered him, gave him a scientific download. He got home and used the healing codes on her and she hasn’t taken another prescription drug since. His co-author, ailed with a a fatal disease–healed because of the healing codes. Some people don’t believe the way I do, and that’s okay. But, I believe that God and science are one in the same. If he created my entire being and its functions, and he created ALL things–that’s what the Word says–then when I chose to follow Jesus, I didn’t just choose to believe a little of Him. I believe in all and all of Him! I’ve said this before, but Christians get so weird about meditation and things that other cultures are tapping into. They put a demonic label on it and never choose to look at the fact that, while these cultures are using these things to worship other gods or make them their gods and (we don’t believe that stuff), that God created all things. But we’ve put limits on it and these cultures haven’t. They are brave enough to reach out into the earth that OUR God created and embrace all of it. I’m amazed and saddened at what we have shut ourselves down to that is our territory in the first place. Satan has no original thought. He can only take what God created FIRST and counterfeit it. When I go to yoga, for instance, and see parts of the Healing Codes being applied and knowing the yogis/Hindus have been doing this for centuries, I’m truly saddened by the number of Christian people who refuse to believe that our God did this first and that, had we just taken what’s rightfully ours in the kingdom, could have been experiencing all of this before now. Well, I believe it. You may not, and that’s your prerogative, but if you believe this way and love health, fitness, and Jesus as much as I do–read this book. I’m not finished with it yet, but everything I’ve read is SO good!


I just finished this Nicholas Sparks book. Huge fan–I know so girly–WHATEVER! Have to say, it wasn’t my favorite of all his books so far, but one can hardly complain because even though it wasn’t in my “top”, it’s still so good. He’s just that great!

Photo Sep 04, 10 23 34 AM

And currently haven’t even finished the first chapter of this yet, but I read her book beach girls and watched the show based off that book–loved it. So, this is my current read and I’m excited to see what it’s like.

OK, that’s it for just regular reading. Now onto pregnancy reads.

First up:

We have these three gems.Photo Sep 03, 8 39 38 AM

Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize–AMAZING! Short and sweet-childbirth does not have to be pain. It talks about living in the New Covenant and not the Old. Pain in childbirth is under the curse of the Old Testament law and that when Jesus died, he restored the standard. YAY! It’s a faith building book that teaches you how to build your faith when it comes to believing for children after miscarriage onto healthy pregnancies, healthy deliveries, and healthy babies. The author was told she would never conceive and she has four beautiful children because she chose to believe the word of the Lord instead. It’s practical and realistic, but it’s also standing on God’s word and believing for your portion and inheritance that He’s given to us through the death of His son. Truly amazing book.

The little book with it is called Prayers and Promises, is from the same author and it is just that-prayers and promises. It’s scripture promises from the word of God and prayers they have in their that you read over yourself and stand on. Really awesome. I recommend it with the book.

And of course, you can’t be pregnant without having the holy grale of pregnancy books:

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

This is just great and most everyone knows what this is. I will say that I take parts of this book with a grain of salt and I’ve even chosen to not even read some areas because either they are too fear based or I know they aren’t good things to fill my spirit with–meaning, as I said above, so much is under the curse and it’s not my inheritance. So, while I’m building my faith in the areas that are truth and life-giving, I’m not going to read all the “You could have this and this and ya-da ya-da ya-da…” Just as with everything–take the meat and spit out the sticks.

On Becoming Baby Wise:

Photo Sep 03, 8 31 54 AM

Haven’t started this yet, but I’ve heard overall really good things about it. Again, I’ve heard there are some sticks you have to throw out but that, for the most part, it’s a great book that covers topics on feeding philosophies, hunger and sleep cycles, and helping babies establish routines. I’m all about that. I’ve watched too many children at the age of four and six throwing fits when their parents say the word “bedtime” and that’s ridiculous in my opinion. Or still sleeping with mommy and daddy, or barging in the bedroom. Boundaries people. We all need them and children actually want them. It’s healthy to grow a self-sufficient human being. A good friend of mine did a church led version of this, and she said something that’s stuck with me from this method. It was that the parents bedroom is sacred and that while you’re children should always feel safe to come to you, they need to understand they just don’t have the right to barge in, especially if the door is closed. This is so true. Keeping healthy boundaries is an essential and beneficial part of life. While it will be a while before little one is old enough to think about barging in on mommy and daddy, discipline doesn’t happen overnight and this book is supposed to teach you how to put little things in motion at each stage that they are at while still supplying and nurturing their needs.

*If you’ve read this book, give me your feedback. I’d like to hear it. The two featured here are birth to a year I think, and then book two is 1-5 years.

Last but CERTAINLY not least:

Photo Sep 03, 8 31 29 AM

Remember the Spirit blessings book? Well, this is actually a 3 CD version called Baby Blessings. Each CD is filled with a plethora of different spirit blessings. Pop them in and he calls your baby’s spirit to attention in the womb in the name of Jesus and begins blessings over your little one that are truly outrageous! Some of the things he prays I remember thinking, “Whoa!” The revelation and the depth of each prayer are things half of us haven’t even thought of to pray. He received the download from the Father on what to pray and because of that, and just by me agreeing in the spirit, I’ve even received amazing downloads from these CD’s. That’s what’s so beautiful about it–you and your baby are one at this time, so things you receive are transferred to your baby and vice versa. It’s such an intimate and supernatural experience. HIGHLY recommend!

As for one more category of “reads”, I want to feature my online reading. Hence, I want to feature a blog. My sister’s blog actually. She’s an amazing entrepreneur, wife, homemaker, and just about anything under the sun you can think of. She’s basically awesome and I think you’ll really enjoy her blog. She’s doing a Fall Foodie Challenge right now that you should get in on. Twenty days to send her your easy and healthy Fall recipe favorites and she will feature one of them a day on her blog. At the end of 20 days, you will have printables of every recipe that was turned in. The holidays don’t have to be a waistline killer, but we are both foodies and don’t want to sacrifice taste either. We LOVE to eat! Anyway, here is the link to her blog–check it out!


And stay tuned…my next blog will be my favorite healthy Fall dessert recipe!


Five Quick, Easy, and Healthy Recipes: one for every night of the week

First of all, yes I know there are seven days in a week, but let’s face it–we all go out on the weekend. Maybe not all weekend long, but what I find that we all most need is something we can throw together quick in the time period  right after work and between those other “extra-curricular’s” we always seem to have on weeknights; more than that, most of us want healthy. The majority of us are all trying to make little adjustments here and there that will better our health. The problem most times, however, is that we don’t realize just how easy it is.  So many times we associate healthy with words like difficult, expensive, too much prep time…and on and on and on. Folks, this is a load of crap. Unfortunately, there was a time where the pendulum swung so far to an almost religious and unrealistic degree that instead of being able to enjoy food the way you were supposed to, food started to become the enemy. Food is not your enemy, it is actually one of your best friends. I could go on forever on the subject of how food actually works, not only with your body, but for your body to do many AMAZING things, but that’s a blog for another time. Bottom line: I love to eat, I love food….HUGE foodie, and I don’t like being put in a box when it comes to eating healthy–and guess what? I don’t have to and you don’t have to. Aside from fake, packaged, processed, greasy, and altered foods, if God made it and it comes from the Earth He made, eat it! So, that being said, you want some great recipes you can feel good about? ORDER UP!

These are recipes I make frequently and are top favorites of mine.

1.  Jenny-O 93/7 Turkey burgers with brown rice and usually broccoli.

-Very simple. These thaw in no time. Stick them under some luke warm water while still packaged if you forgot to set them out and they will be thawed in 5 min. Season how you want, cook in a fry pan.

-You can get instant Brown Rice that takes ten min on the stove. Hello! Easy. Might need a little salt cause it is just the rice and can be a little bland. A little salt is good for you, have some.

-Steam your broccoli or eat it raw. Basically just put some veggies on your plate. I try to always have something green with my meals even if it’s just a salad (dark greens like spring mix, kale, spinach, and romaine thought. None of this iceberg AKA water stuff) Really, the choice is up to you…eat up!

2. Tilapia with black beans and asparagus

-Frozen Tilapia thawed and cooked on the stove with some olive oil. Again, season how you like. Everyone has different styles of what they prefer. Sometimes we just do pepper lemon and some Mrs. Dash.

-Can of black beans heated either on the stove or microwave.

-Asparagus in the pan. My husband likes to lightly coat bottom of the pan with olive oil, couple splashes of soy sauce, throw in asparagus, and roll it around to coat it with all the goodness. Salt and pepper to taste, cover and let cook until tender on medium heat.


We stopped eating any kind of enriched pastas or breads a few years ago and it will make a huge difference for you. Why? Well, because enriched anything is not good for you. Not to mention that there is no nutritional benefit in it and it doesn’t sustain you. It bloats you, and that is totally different. You feel really full, but that’s because your body is trying to process a simple carbohydrate: AKA bad. Brown Rice pastas are available everywhere now and I love brown rice anything. If you haven’t tried it, you should. It really doesn’t have a weird taste like you may be thinking and you will feel so much better after you eat it. If you don’t like brown rice pasta then try to get whole grain or whole wheat if you must. It’s still slightly enriched, but not anything near as bad as the bleached stuff.

3. Chicken and Brown Rice Penne Pasta with peppers

-Thaw chicken. Lightly coat bottom of pan with olive oil. Add TBSP of minced garlic, salt and pepper, and add chicken. I like to cut my thawed chicken in medallions before I put them in the pan and my hubby prefers to cut them after they’ve been cooked. Find your style, but you want them as medallions. While they are cooking on medium heat, add onions, little chicken broth, and some white wine. Pour a glass for yourself too while you’re at it.:)

*no white wine if you’re preggie…unfortunately, just chicken broth. 😦

-Cut up a good amount of red and green bell peppers depending on how many you are cooking for, and when chicken is half way done add them in with the chicken.  Cover.

-While chicken is covered, start your brown rice penne in a saucepan. When done and drained, set to the side.

-Once chicken mixture is fully cooked, add your noodles in and stir together.

-Serve topped with feta cheese. This MAKES the meal. It won’t taste the same without it. Enjoy!


4. White Chili–can be made in Crockpot or Stovetop

You will need:

-One jar of salsa

-1 can of Rotel (2 if you like spicy)

-1 can of black, great northern, pinto, and kidney beans

-1 Shredded chicken breast (this is mildly meaty and about 6-8oz. Adjust by how many you’re serving and/or how meaty you like it. If you’re in a hurry use canned chicken. Just be sure to read your labels and make sure it doesn’t have a bunch of additives.)

-Onion and Garlic (real or minced)

How to:

If you’re making this in the crock pot, everything goes in and stews. This is perfect to do in the morning before work and cook on low and it’s ready to eat when you get home. If you do this on the stovetop in a large pot, add olive oil, sautéed onion and garlic first, then just add all remaining ingredients.

-Stir and enjoy! (If you like, you can top with some mixed cheese and plain, non-fat, greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream.)

You can’t mess this up. Get creative if you want by adding any kind of meat you like. This recipe works great with all kinds of meat. Steak, ground turkey, shrimp, etc. Add other veggies like carrots if you prefer, too. This recipe is one of my favorites. High in protein, veggies, and best of all I like anything I can “dump and sup”. Easy, easy, easy!


Last, but not least, we all need to have breakfast for dinner sometimes. I LOVE breakfast for dinner. Here’s one of my favorites.

5. 3 egg veggie omelet 2 slices whole-grain or gluten free toast topped with nut butter of choice.

-Do three whole eggs (3 eggs=1 serving of your protein for the day), 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites (one of my personal favorites), or go all egg-white.

-If you don’t know how to make and omelet, learn! Just kidding, just kidding–although it’s fun to learn. But if you don’t know how, you can do the same thing scrambled.

-Add in bell peppers (whatever colors you like), a little cheese (optional), and pico.

TIP: If you are watching your cheese intake, but love it as much as I do, you can skip the heavy mixed cheese and sprinkle the finished omelet with parmesan. It’s a little more reduced in its fat content. 

-Toast whole grain toast and top with whatever nut butter you prefer (almond, peanut, etc.)

I LOVE peanut butter, but if your peanut butter says “NO NEED TO STIR” you have a problem. The only ingredients you should have in “good for you” PB are peanuts and salt. The end. And you should have to stir it up like your churning butter in the old days (bonus arm workout). The thing with this is it’s not going to taste like the over sweet Jiffy or Skippy you’re used to (seriously those names?), but it is so good, and if you need to cut the bitterness, drizzle a little honey or agave nectar on top. Enjoy!

Please let me know if you made any of these, how they turned out, and if you enjoyed them. I would love to hear your feedback or any questions you might have. Here’s to a little less stress during your week!