1st Yoga Challenge and Giveaway!

I’ve been asked by so many people what yoga has taught and continues to teach me in my practice and my daily life. There is just so much that it’s impossible to write it all out at once. So, the first thing I could say, is that yoga is about loving and honoring others in the way you wish to be loved and honored. That being said, I decided that I would do my very own, first ever, yoga challenge!! And since yoga is all about giving, I decided that for my birthday month, running from October 1st-22nd (my birthday), I would give to YOU! Keep your eyes peeled for the challenge calendar and giveaway details that I will be posting here, Facebook, and my website on Monday, September 28th. In the meantime, help me get the word out to your friends by tagging them in the comments below to follow this page to stay updated on the challenge. #cdflessonsfromyoga

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The Pursuit of (My) Dreams: PART 2

Hello again! So this is part two of where I am going currently. If you haven’t read Part 1 you can do so by clicking here. I encourage you to read it if you haven’t because it gives a little background that might help all this gel a little better.

If you know me or follow me or have read ANY of “My Story” or the about.me section on the right side column of this page on my page, you already know that at the core of who I am it is family. My biggest dreams in life were to be a wife and a mother; always will be. Any other dreams that I have I wouldn’t say are “secondary” because they are just as much a part of me as being a wife and mother. They are still huge passions and ones that I know God has gifted me with and put in me to accomplish; but for me, my family is first and will always be my biggest passion, my bliss, and my first priority. Their dreams are just a as important to me as my own.

With that being said, the next biggest passion in my heart is health, fitness, and overall wholeness. In the about section on my page, I touch a little on my belief of being healthy and whole in every area. We are mind, body, spirit, so it’s important to be balanced in all areas to experience the fullness of a healthy, happy, and whole life. For me, working out is a quiet time. It’s so fun for me. I realize this is not true for everyone, but for me it just flows out of me. It’s not only a happy place for me, but it’s also a lifestyle. It’s as much a part of me as my own name. I knew that it would be what I did in life. I didn’t know what it all would look like, but I knew that being an ambassador for health and wholeness was a big part of my destiny and I want people to learn to really accept and love themselves in every stage of their “process”. I also hope that my passion for fitness and how fun it is for me spills over and creates that fun, enjoyable, light, and free atmosphere for others. It should be an outward expression of the love you feel for yourself on the inside, not another legalistic task to cross off your list so you can hopefully be brave enough to wear that swimsuit. Changing mindsets. Releasing freedom. Loving. Giving hope. These are a few of my favorite things.;)

When I was 16, I had done research and found an organization that just clicked for me. It is one of the top personal training certifications. It’s the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). However, at 16, I was young and afraid, and thought that I really “needed” to go to college. I have nothing against college, but I do have a problem with society making it seem like you can’t and won’t thrive without a college education/degree. So, I decided that until I did that, then I couldn’t do much else yet. I was approached multiple times by instructors at my gym to get certified to teach a class. This, I thought, I could totally do while going to college: have an extra certification once I pursued personal training in the future, and make a little extra money in the present. So, at 18 years old, I got my certification in TurboKick through Powder Blue Productions. I started training to teach at my local gym. However, now I was taking my basics, but had no idea what I wanted to major in. On top of taking college courses, I was also leading worship for my youth group, and working part time. THEN–I got engaged. A dream was coming true…I was going to be a wife. Now with planning a wedding in the works, something had to take a backseat. It was just too much. Since I was only in the beginning phase of teaching at the gym, I knew that I needed to step back from that also knowing I could return later.

When my husband and I got married, he was midway through his college career as a History Major. Working full-time and going to school full-time. Still really not interested or even knowing what it was I wanted to do for my college career, I decided to just work instead of waste money on a major I might end up changing later. I was only 19 when I got married so I wasn’t concerned about time. I knew I had enough time to just figure it out and I also know that I am a self starter. When I found what I loved to do or wanted to pursue, I knew I would do it without hesitation even if that meant going back to college at a later time. But, I was also okay if college was something that never fit the bill for me either. There were times when it felt like it could be “my time” to pursue my dreams, but I was young, perfectionism had a heavy hold on my life, and so inevitably fear would come and make me feel like I wasn’t fully equipped or that I wouldn’t want to do something and fail, or that it needed to be the perfect thing before I took a risk and pursued it. CRAP. Total crap.

To save you years of details, I will make this as concise as possible…

The Lord really set me free from that hold perfectionism had on me and started showing me that if you fail, it at least means you tried. He showed me that not everything has to be rationally sound for me to take the first step. A lot of the way we grow and learn is through trying, taking risk, being okay to mess up, get up and move forward better equipped.

With new tools in hand and a courageous heart, I was going to pursue my dreams and see where it took me. If I failed, I failed, but I knew God always had me and had a plan to get me where I needed to go. Then…I found out I was pregnant. The next big dream of my heart was coming true–being a mother.

See I could have looked at all this as set backs, but they were ALL dreams of my heart and I had to trust the Lord’s timing. Was it disheartening at times? Yes. I really wanted this specific dream to come true at some point, but all of these things that the world could look at as setbacks were a testing ground and ultimately revealed God’s goodness and faithfulness. At this point, my husband found his calling which was to be a teacher and so getting his teacher certification was the next step. This requires a lot of money, but he would finally have his career and to see my husband’s dreams come true is and will always be a desire of my heart. Practically, we needed a good, sound career with a child now, so we pursued that. I knew that once he was settled into teaching, and our son got a little older, that I would be able to pursue my other dreams outside of wife and mom. If there is anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s that I can plan and dream, and have goals and vision, and that God loves that planning part of me–He put it in me after all. I’ve learned that He loves my dreams, too–He put those in me as well. But, most importantly, I’ve had to learn to leave room for the things HE has planned for me, the dreams in His heart for me, that are inevitably going to be my dreams too, I just may not know them yet; and, ultimately, to sometimes (most of the time), have my “perfect” plans messed up at the wonderful sake of truly getting HIS best for me. This, my friends, was a journey I resisted for awhile, would create high expectations without the willingness to budge-even for God even though I knew His ways were best- and ultimately, disappointment when things wouldn’t go my way. In the end, I would always come around because the end result was always better than my initial plan. But God didn’t want me to live a life so resistant and rigid. He wanted the direct relationship between us to flow in a beautiful dance of all the ways He created me to be a planner, and a driven personality who carefully marks all the options, weighs them, and crafts a great plan of action, but who also is easily willing to toss all that aside to walk with freedom, blind faith, and courageous hope when He says He has a better way. This changed my life forever when this revelation took root and I’ve never been the same.

Today, 1 year after having my son, being passionate about health and fitness since the age of 13, knowing I wanted to become a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), and many more dreams relating to that, I can say that God has finally opened the doors for me to pursue getting my Personal Training Certification through NASM. I’m still in a little bit of shock. It’s surreal. He’s so far not left one dream untouched. I’m a wife, a mother, and now I will be a trainer. I’m doing it…before the end of this year…I declared it…I worried it wouldn’t happen…but, I trusted anyway…and he kept His word like he always does! All the other dreams I have in my heart that haven’t come to pass yet don’t worry me. He is faithful and He wants so much for me. I have no doubt that together all my dreams will come true. But, it’s not just about GETTING the dream. I’ve realized the best part is the journey with Him in all of it and discovering deeper parts of His heart for me and, in turn, deeper parts of my own heart and the dreams there that He has yet to show me. The journey is the best part guys. It’s worth whatever wait you may be in. His timing is perfect and He is a good God!

I’m so happy to share this with all of you! I’m ready to start my career in loving people and changing lives inside and out. I’m ready to grow and learn through it all.

Upcoming changes will be as follows:

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Everything is a process, but I will also be changing my YouTube name to Caitlin Dermott Fitness.

I think it’s important to brand myself and I want to be reachable to everyone. This will be a huge way of marketing myself and my business to clients. If you aren’t following me yet, I would love for you to do so. Also, please share my page, invite your friends to like and follow me as well!

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I will be making the changes slowly so that my current followers aren’t confused.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and following my journey!

Much love friends,





Embrace yourself!

Don’t be afraid of

People shy away from these two things because they think it draws too much attention to their “flaws”. But guess what? The busy-ness of a pattern and the pop of color can actually hide and draw attention away from them if done right. While black is slimming, it’s boring to live without color. Let me tell you, I am a classic “neutrals” girl. I would wear black, white, cream, and brown all day every day, but thanks to my husband, I’ve gotten out of the box and realized how fun it is to live life out loud. I was always afraid patterns and colors would draw too much attention to my full butt and thighs, but now I love it cause my perspective over time changed from needing to be “skinny” to just wanting to be strong, healthy, and fit. Now I look at my legs and butt and say, “yeah you get muscular!”👊 Find a fit that flatters and puts just the right amount of oomph to all the right areas and HAVE FUN with the way you look: tall, short, skinny, athletic, full figured, lean! We are all beautiful!
In other news: my husband told me last night, “your butt is getting bigger.” All my girls who weight train know this is definitely a compliment! #thankyousquats #itsabouttime #breastfeeding #thestruggleisreal 🙌💃

This outfit I am wearing is from favorite workout line currently:

Fabletics by Kate Hudson
Check them out here!

*I am not sponsored by them I just love their clothes and love to share them with you.

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Love to you,
Stay At Fit Mom

National Iced Tea Day & Total Body Workout

It’s National Iced Tea Day! As if I needed more of a reason to drink tea! 🙂

2014-06-10 14.38.51

I love Iced Tea, especially in the summer. There are so many benefits to drinking tea (hot or cold). When I was pregnant, I was trying to experiment with ways to drink tea and not get the LOADS of sugar that most places put in it, and I was also trying to make sure I wasn’t drinking too much caffeine, and not every restaurant was guaranteed to have decaf tea. So I began trying out new things at home. Brewing decaf teas and buying passion fruit teas and other cool flavored teas to get some variety. Then, because I like it sweet, I would add just a bit of organic/raw sugar to the batch, a fresh lemon, and mmmmmmm–refreshing and much better for you, I’ll say!

Have you seen my post I did on tea? If not, check it out here!


Okay…moving on!

For today’s workout I did a multiple movement, full body toning with some HIIT mixed in. This will target every area of the body and also get that heart rate up as well.

You will need:

-5lb. dumbbells



-30 seconds jog in place (alternate high knees and kicking heels back to touch booty)

-1 minute jumping jacks

-1 minute downward dog to plank

-1 minute jumping jacks

-30 seconds push-ups

-1 minute alternating lunges

Total Body

*8 reps of each set*

-Bicep curl & Squat

-Just bicep curl

-Just squat

-Pulse both bicep curl and squat

(NOTE: When I say “pulse” that doesn’t mean quick, it means small range of motion. Small fine toning movement)

-Lunge R leg w/shoulder press

-just lunge

-just shoulder press

-pulse both

Repeat set on L leg

-Overhead Tricep Extension with Side leg lifts

-just L leg lift

-just triceps

-puls both

Repeat set on R leg

-Double arm row w/leg lifts to the back.

(One leg at a time. Balance on other leg, knee slightly bent. Try not to touch lifting leg to the ground.)

-just L leg lifts to the back (squeeze booty)

-just row

-pulse both

Repeat on R leg

-Booty Bridge and Chest Fly

-just Bridge

-just fly

-pulse both

Repeat 2x’s

-Plie squats and upright rows

-just rows

-just squats

Repeat 2x’s

Cardio/HIIT section

Mountain Climbers (30 secs)

Sumo squats touch the floor reach up and calf raise (quick 30 secs)

Burpees (30 secs)

Lateral Ski jumps (jump and hold from one leg to the other-30 secs)

minimal to no rest in between. try for 2 times through


10-12 reps each

-On your back, legs overhead, straddle. One weight crunch through the center. Legs come together for some inner thigh work.

-Russian twists side to side. Bring legs off the ground and hold foor more advanced (Boat)

-Over/unders. Sitting up but relclined slightly, abs engaged, knees slightly bent. Lift on leg up of the ground at a time and move one weight under and then over the other when you switch legs. Repeat in a figure 8 like motion.

Hope you enjoy your workout!!




Abs After Baby : The Right Way

Today is the day friends!

I have received so many questions over the last few months from fellow mommies about what workout they can do for their abdominals after baby and because of that I thought it only made sense to put together a little mini-series that really focuses on CORRECT abdominal excercises to help tighten and tone that belly while protecting your core muscles from permanent damage.

I don’t think ab separation is talked about enough along with the fact that just because you are cleared for physical activity (usually around the 6 week postpartum mark), it can take MONTHS for your abs to actually come back together. For instance, I was cleared for fitness at 6 weeks pp, but I still had very slight diastisis recti until about 4 months pp. What is diastisis recti? Click here for a brief overview.

Diastisis recti can happen in anyone. Men and babies can have it, but it is true that it is very common in females because we have babies. Our abs have to separate to accommodate our growing baby and everything surrounding them. If dealt with properly, ab separation will not be a long term issue. It’s pretty awesome how the body can stretch and distort that much and then come back together. However, the wrong kind of workouts too fast can lead to permanent damage. Those muscles could rip and not only will you carry what looks like a 4 month pooch permanately but the only way to fix it at that point would be surgically. Sometimes, the muscles rip just from multiple pregnancies and pregnancies close together. However, getting ahead of the game and making sure to have a strong core and strong body before pregnancy, during, and–properly–after can lower your risk for permanent damage.

Over the next couple weeks, I will be posting abdominal/core excercises that anyone can do. Pregnant, not pregnant, or postpartum. Why do I say abs AND core? Well, having a toned stomach isn’t solely based on abdominal work. Our core is all the musceles surrounding our spinal column. That includes the back muscles. Proper posture that comes from a strong back actually aids in keeping our stomach tight and toned. Spinal health is just as important as that six pack ladies. You don’t just lift weights on only the left arm and not the right, RIGHT? Same with the abs. We work the front AND the back.  Basically, with all the questions about what to do post pregnant know that any workout I feature over the next few weeks is #PPaproved. When you see that hashtag you know it’s okay for postpartum mommas. I will specify or talk about a modification if it is not.

NOTE* If ANYTHING hurts or does not feel good-modify! IF modifying and it still hurts-wait and don’t do it! You will get there eventually–I PROMISE!

Many people rush the process after baby. This is not healthy. We should be of the mindset of being healthy, not skinny. If your perspective is focused on health, then you will wait and go slow and be patient with the process. Period. Risking long term and permanent damage is NOT worth trying to get back into those skinny jeans. Even if you are super fit before and during pregnancy, it still took 10 months for your body to change and a accommodate a life. This means you need to give it the same, if not more patience and time, to heal completely. You owe it to yourself and your future. You only have one body and the choice is yours whether it will sustain you and keep you healthy for life or whether it will quit on you before it should.  After almost 5.5 months post partum I was finally able to do my first crow pose in yoga. It was worth the wait because I knew my body was healed and ready. It was a super exciting moment for me! God made our bodies to be able to handle pregnancy and birth and he made it able to come all back together. Your body will never be the “same” after baby, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be fit or that it can’t be better. I am and feel in better shape post baby than ever before. Changes after baby aren’t always drastic, but your body still changed nonetheless. I am in love with the changes my body took on. For me, my hips got a little curvier. My pant size didn’t change, but I just feel more feminine in them! 🙂

Let’s change our perspectives, let’s be patient, let’s love ourselves in every moment of our journey. The human body is amazing–let’s treat it as such.

*Don’t forget that abs are made in the kitchen, too. Workouts and nutrition go hand in hand and actually, nutrition is about 70-80%. The right foods work with your body to help build and maintain lean muscle. *

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Have a great day beautiful and remember:

Stay fit. Stay Healthy. Inside-Out.