The Season “In Between” Part 1

We talk a lot about seasons on the mountain. You know the ones: where everything feels right. Where everything is going “right”. Where it’s just a good time, things are falling into place, relationships are thriving, dreams are coming true.

And we talk about the seasons in the valley: The times when you feel alone, lost, you’re experiencing hardships; whether in your relationships, health, finances, dreams, etc. Gosh, these seasons are so hard.

But, what about the seasons “in between”? I’ve always thought of and known these seasons to be more of what I call “transition”: where you’re on the brink of something great. You are actually coming up out of the valley but you’re feeling the heat of forging for the mountain breakthrough. Yeah, believe it or not, that’s actually not what I’m talking about at all. Confused? Stay with me…

I’m learning that the season “in between” and the season of “transition” are actually two different things.

I’m in the season “in between” right now. So what is it?

The best way I know to put it is that you’re not in a valley, but you’re also not on top of the mountain either. Another way of describing, is that you’re happy, but not content. You’re doing things you love, but you don’t feel like you’re thriving and completely alive where you’re at in it. You’re not lonely, but you feel alone more often than not. You have dear friends and friendships, but you crave a certain “type” of relationship. Something…in addition; whether within existing relationships or a new one. You’re not wounded, but you aren’t completely healed. You sense things coming, but they still feel a little out of reach. You’re not hopeless, but you wonder “when” you might see things come to pass. You’re tired, but not weary.

Do you see where I’m going? I also like to throw in a good ol’ labor description because I feel like so many can relate. And if you’re a single man, ask your momma. 😉

It’s that time in labor when your not necessarily in early labor, things are definitely happening, but you kind of go back and forth between progress, rest, maybe some progress, more rest, maybe no progress, at all, etc. but you’re definitely not in transition, and you’re definitely not on the mountain of sweet relief holding your baby.

So now, the question that always comes: why? Why is this even a thing? What’s it all for? What do I do to navigate the frustratingly indecisive waters of this time? Simply put: you stay faithful, you rest, and you manifest.

Staying faithful:

This is where you remember all of the things the Lord HAS promised and you pull them back up and fill yourself with them like you fill your body with food. This is the time you feast on promises and not your current circumstances.


This season calls for active rest, physical rest, and mental rest. Active rest is the place where you are still working towards your call. Where you are not stagnant, but taking steps toward what you know you are being led to.

Physical rest. This one is so important, and I’m learning this more in this time than ever before in my life. Physically resting is so necessary to allow you to keep from draining yourself to the point that you increase stress. The more stress, the more strain on your mental state. Also, often times we don’t rest because we think we are doing the “active rest”. But, imbalance craves imbalance. Before you know it you aren’t in active rest anymore. The line has been blurred and you’re now 10 steps ahead in the wrong direction because you keep telling yourself it’s “necessary”. When what was necessary was to lay down your head. We so underestimate the importance of sleep, meditation, and being downloaded to by our source. Jesus was our PERFECT example of this. Many times in scripture we see where Jesus went off to meditate and where “he slept”. I mean, he was asleep when they were on a raging sea! He’s obviously trying to get us to see something of importance here. If Jesus himself got away to get still to gain strength only the Father could give, how much more do we?

Mental rest–you cannot have mental rest without letting the body rest. This is the place that once we still the body, our mind can do it’s best work. Mental rest is the place we get our conscious mind out of the way, the subconscious takes over, the place where spirit rests and we can hear clearly the truth of Heaven, the truth of Divine power that is our identity in Christ Jesus. Ahhh this is the place that, cultivated daily, will heal us dramatically, guide us gently, and change the way we see ourselves, our circumstances, and others. It’s the place we see from our seat in heaven that where we are is actually the most perfect of all places. That this seemingly dry place is actually a gift. We have been gifted this time. Oh how these words make sense and we like to hear them. Understandably, living them in this way when you’re trying to just live in this season does not seem feasible. But that’s just it, it’s not natural because it will require something of you, that you cannot give of your own power. Notice how many times r e s t has been mentioned. By choosing to faithfully lay down our ideals and expectations, remembering his promises, and resting in them, it gives you the perspective shift from “lack” to “nothing lacking”.


Now comes an exciting place. We have been given the keys to the kingdom. When Jesus took all our sin and our shame and served us in the most selfless and beautiful way by dying for us so that we might be free and have full access to the Father, fully righteous, lacking nothing, needing to “do” nothing more, we now live with his Spirit power in us. That means that I have every right and every means available to me to manifest my own destiny, dreams, healing, etc. I think we forget that God wants us to be happy. That he gave us the right to choose. We assume that he has A+B=C and that if we don’t get B right or miss it entirely, that our life is now not aligned with his will and we’ve screwed up. I’m not talking about morals or right and wrong here. I’m talking about those hard decisions we need to make, the path to our dreams, our healing, etc. God is so much more concerned with your heart and your friendship with him then he is what college you go to. Because in close relationship with him, he will so gently guide you to the right choices and the right places in the right time.

That being said, we underestimate the power we hold on our very hands that has been gifted to us by His son. He wants us to thrive in creating!

to be continued…

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