GEAR BUNCH Leggings Review

Hi friends!

I was recently sent a pair of the prettiest ombré leggings by Gear Bunch to try and review for you guys.

I’ve really enjoyed these leggings so I honestly don’t have a lot of “cons” to write, which is obviously a great sign! But here we go. Let’s start with the good:


Soft-so sweetly soft

Very stretchy-they will move and bend with you very easily.

TTS (true to size)-I’m wearing a size small and am 5’7″

Opaque-won’t show your hiney!

Great for yoga, barre, Pilates, rock climbing

I was concerned by the pictures online that they would be low waisted, but to my surprise they are actually more of a mid- rise. (The waistband? See cons)


The waistband leaves more to be desired. It isn’t a deal breaker but it’s a very generic and kind of thick band and I personally like wider, thinner bands on my athletic wear.

They are very thin (like mentioned above, not sheer though👍🏼). That being said, in cold weather they will not keep your legs warm. Ask me how I know…

I don’t really consider this as a con but more of just a “so you’re aware”:

They will not work for heavy duty workouts like HIIT, running, etc. They aren’t compression and so they don’t have that skin tight feel, but they definitely have the look. So let’s talk about the look:

I was concerned that they would show flaws and underwear because of how thin they are, especially with mine being a lighter color, but they are actually really slimming!!

P.S. you should definitely wear a thong with these ladies because a pantyline will be undeniable. 😉

And lastly, if you have an eclectic style and enjoy have super flashy leggings, you definitely need to check them out. Most of their line includes flashy, eclectic prints.

I’ll link the pair I’m wearing here (on sale right now)

Size: S

I want to note that they also have a selection of hoodies and shoes as well.

Thank you to Gear Bunch for choosing me to do a review!

Follow them on Instagram @gearbunch!

Use the link at the top of this post to shop!

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