5 Ways To Detox From Thanksgiving

Enjoying the holidays and all it’s food glory doesn’t have to be off limits. Life is about living, after all. But a healthy lifestyle stems from knowing this and also knowing that we can’t live off pumpkin pie forever (Moment of silence) and when to get back to the foods that nourish us the most.

Chances are, you might feel a little “puffy” from the food. Here are some simple ways to start getting your system back on track and flushing out your system:

1) water water water

Add lemon or cucumber (or both) for an extra system flush. And drink a lot of it.

2) eat clean foods

The worst thing you can do is deprive your body of nutrients. Instead, think of replacing them with all the clean foods. If you indulged quite a bit and the simple thought of “eating” seems too heavy still then grab a protein smoothie. And remember, the more greens, the better.

3) get in a sweat sesh

Your body is full of all kinds of energy stores–thanks mashed potatoes! Put it to good use and get a workout in. Your body will burn all that up.

4) tea or kombucha before bed

Instead of dessert, grab a kombucha or drink some hot tea before bed. These drinks have properties in them that help the digestive system rest and flush.

5) don’t feel guilty

Make sure that mentally you’re not beating yourself up. If you are, I encourage you to step back and realize that that sporadic indulgence will not cause you harm, it’s only when we make THAT the lifestyle instead of it being a 10-20% rule, or when we don’t actively take the reins in our life and make the effort to know when it’s ok to indulge and when to say, “Now it’s time to get back on track.” If you’re struggling with your mental state, I encourage to take some time to remember that no matter what, a simple choice can turn anything around and today is a new day. We can’t change the past but we can change our present to create a new future. Even if you have been indulging for way too long, you can choose a different lifestyle now. We can always set ourselves on a different and better path. Start today. Be patient. Have grace. And don’t give up.



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