Diet To Go–Healthy Diet Delivery Meals: my review

Some of you may (or may not) remember, but last year I was featured on Diet To Go’s website. They compiled a list of the Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers, and I was fortunate enough to be number 79. You can see the blog here and to find other amazing Health and Fitness bloggers out there.

This year, they contacted me once again to ask if they could send me some meals from one of there menu options to try and review.

In case you didn’t know, Diet To Go is a healthy diet delivery meal system. They have 4 delicious meal plans to choose from:

  1. Balance Menu

This menu is calorie-controlled and heart healthy, which means it is controlled for sodium, carbs, fat, and cholesterol. They have vegetarian and no seafood options.

Meals typically land at about 1200 calories for the day (give or take)

2.  Balance Diabetes Menu

This menu is also heart healthy, perfect for pre-diabetes or diabetes —
controls blood sugar naturally, and follows the American Diabetes Association guidelines for carbohydrates and fat.

3. Carb30

This menu is:

  • Carb-restricted plan; replaces carbs with fat
  • Only 30 net carbs per day, on average

4. Vegetarian

This menu is also heart healthy and protein sources include dairy, eggs, beans and some soy.

Diet To Go sent me the Balance plan to review so below I will be sharing my meals they sent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and tell you what I thought.


Blueberry Pancakes

Veggie and Cheese Omelet

Pesto Egg and Cheese Pizza


Orleans Tuna Salad

Szechuan Turkey Burger

Basil Parmesan Chicken


Penne Pasta

Chicken Pizza

Sliced Turkey

My overall review is a great one! These meals were delicious, very healthy and balanced, packaged well, easy to prepare, etc. The only thing I will note about this particular plan is that if you have a gluten sensitivity or allergy, you might need to go with the Carb30. I don’t think these meals had the “healthiest” choices for their carb portion. I understand that this was the “balance” menu so you get a balanced portion of carbs, protein, and fat. I think I would just prefer the carbs to be a little more on the nutritional/complex side or at least a little healthier in nature. Instead of a wheat roll with the tuna salad, even rye or sprouted wheat roll. As far as the pasta, whole wheat instead of regular. I would love to see them add a gluten-free option soon because that would really blow them out of the park.

I would also love to try the Carb30 plan next because I think that that would really be the one for me, but I would say this plan is great for someone just starting out who needs help with portion control and just learning how to create balance in their nutrition.

What’s also great about Diet To Go, is that you can personalize your meals or even switch plans. You also have flexible delivery, and no prep cooking. All of your meals are ready to heat and serve, or not heat and serve depending on the type of meal it is. You also get FREE access to a health coach and can always call or email if you need some friendly advice or support.

New customers can get 10% off their first week, so give it a shot! Nutrition is one of the hardest things to stay on top of, and Diet To Go has really worked to eliminate this road block and create a way for you to take something off your plate…pun intended.

Visit their website below for more information  and comment below if you have any questions!



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