Emery & Dylan: 1 year old 

Well, it’s true what they say about the first year with twins- they call it “The Blur”. Boy! Is that ever true…

Time goes too fast as it is, but add twins and then the fact you have an older child and–forget it (or try not to.) Honestly, with the trauma of their pregnancy and birth, and the fact I was on some major strong drugs, there are actually some chunks missing for me which feels a little weird and spurred a few breakdowns along the way, but the truth is…having twins and a toddler is a whirlwind no matter if your experience getting said twins here was smooth or rocky. Overall, what I would say to any soon to be twin mom is get ready to just have so much fun! It’s the coolest thing ever to have two babies at once. Yes it’s crazy, busy, pure insanity some moments. But, oh double the fun, the laughs, and the cuteness. 

Emery and Dylan have been living breathing miracles from day one and every day since getting here at 31 weeks and 3 days, they beat every odd (and actually demolished them), and have continued to develop perfectly and right on track. I said a prayer of gratitude out loud when I left their one year well check up and it felt as easy and normal as Harrison’s. Praise God. It isn’t lost on me that so many preemies deal with obstacles and set backs in their development. 

Emery is a total daddy’s girl (first word). 

Dylan is a mommas girl (her first word). 

Emery is laid back, intellectual, gets quiet in crowds, smiles A LOT! Eating has always been more of a “get it done” kind of task for her and she was my first to wean. She was the last to take to solid food but eats her sister under the table. She is more fair, has the sweetest high pitch voice, and is just all around dainty. She’s going to have that classic beauty to her. I love it. 

Dylan is sassy, tactical, comes alive in crowds, and is more serious. She was my “booby baby”? She loved to nurse and snuggle, and weaned the day after her first birthday, but she still gives/wants ample snuggles. She’s straight up gorgeous. Her eyes smile with the rest of her and her voice is so cute and kind of husky. 

Both girls are crawling around getting into everything, keeping me on my toes. They are sweet gumdrops in our family and have all of our hearts. Their brother adores them and I love watching his gentle nature come out when he talks to them. 

I could go on and on about all my children, but for all those who have followed our journey-thank you for your prayers, first of all. But, I wanted you to see what your prayers made manifest. 

Also, for those of you who didn’t know…our girls were in their own sacs with their own placenta. 9 times out of 10 that means they are Fraternal twins. To be Identical, the egg had to split in the first 3 days of conception. Such a small window! We never got a gender reveal with them so we decided to have their DNA tested to find out whether they were Fraternal or Identical and do the reveal at their party. Results came back after matching and testing 15 different strands: 99.9% IDENTICAL! So excited to know more of who they are. 

Here’s some photos from our “Mommy and Me” session I had done for their 1 year birthday. 

For those of you that have asked:

My wrap skirt and the girls dresses and headbands are from Amazon believe it or not. And both the tops I’m wearing with it are body suits from Forever 21. Let me know if you want more details on the styles. 

Happy Birthday Angels of Joy & Peace! You are so loved. 

One thought on “Emery & Dylan: 1 year old 

  1. They are such little beauties! It warms my heart to see your pictures because I myself am an identical twin – and let me tell ya, it is so cool growing up with your best friend.

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