just look up. 

Do you ever just look up? We get so stuck in the monotony and grind of everyday that I realized today how much we miss. To look at the sky-just to look at the beauty of it. To realize the vastness it is. The simplicity of it and yet the gravity of what goes on to keep is literally alive, breathing, functioning. Today I was playing outside with my son and I looked up. We started talking about the fact that Jesus made the sky and Harrison asked, “Why?” Don’t you love that question…?

I honestly was at a loss for words and the only thing that came to me was, “A lot of reasons, baby. A lot of reasons.” As soon as I said it I looked up and just felt overcome by His greatness. Y’all, I realized that there’s no way to reach the top. We aren’t blocked in here with a fake sky like the Hunger Games. You can go up, and then you can keep going which is pretty unfathomable to me. Isn’t he beautiful, our God? You know, I didn’t have anything planned to write. I was just going to post this pretty picture of the sky, but I feel like maybe some of you think you’ve peaked on your dreams; that you hit a certain point and that’sit for you. Maybe you think that you aren’t good enough to have more. You think it’s a YOU issue. Well, I encourage you to go farther, reach higher, push a little harder, trust more, give more, believe more. The sky is the limit and whenever you forget that…

 just look up.

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