Resolving Your Resolutions: New Year 2017

Don’t just make resolutions. Let me say it a little differently…
Don’t just make resolutions WITHOUT a tangible plan on how to keep, achieve, or implement said resolution. Why? Because as I heard a wonderful speaker say one time, “If you make a goal without a plan to reach it, it’s just a pipe dream.” (Paraphrased)

If it’s half done it usually won’t get accomplished and when it doesn’t get accomplished it leaves some people with feelings of failure, of not being enough, of lack, and emptiness. Or “I’ll just try again next year…” which may keep some in an unnecessary state of waiting or maybe half their heart was only in it in the first place and they need to reevaluate what’s truly in their heart. 
So instead of throwing out a half hearted resolution this year, do it all the way. Create the resolution AND the game plan on how to make it reality in your life. It may not happen in the current year, but at least you know you’re making forward motion and not just “hoping” you can fulfill it. Hope alone isn’t enough. 
A definition of resolution is: the act of resolving or determining upon an ACTION, COURSE OF ACTION, METHOD, PROCEDURE, etc. 
So I encourage you if you want to do something differently this year, start by really being intentional in that “thing”. Figure out how to make it reality for you by creating not just the dream, but the necessary steps that bring it to fruition and see just how different you feel at the end of this year. 

#happynewyear #wholehearted2017

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