Christmas Decor on a Budget

It seems like we are all trying to save a little money these days, and unfortunately, we hit the holidays and begin to feel the stress of how to make it special for the kids but not go into debt. 

I’m going to share with you a couple decorating tips for tight budgets. I absolutely know that this will not be the best blog you see on this topic, but I at least want to pen down a couple things I’ve done the last couple years to really help make my house look festive and yet not spend too much money doing it. 

1) Forego what you don’t have now so you can have it later.

The last few Christmases, along with trying to my find my “style”, I’ve basically just had a tree–which was a trial and error experiment all in itself. 

But as I really began to know what I liked, I would wait until the week following Christmas and go in and buy things on clearance…ornaments, lights, etc. 

I do not like pointless or excess junk so for me, I just buy one or two things so that I can maybe do this every year. That way I don’t peak too soon, ya feel me? šŸ˜œ

2) Less is more…

I came to terms a long time ago that I like my tree to have a theme, which meant that collecting all my kids school crafts and grandma and grandpas random ornaments they send every year and feeling obligated to stick them on my tree was not my style and that was OKAY and didn’t mean I was a bad mother, daughter, or granddaughter. 

It’s my tree and having it look like the Cracker Barrel Country Store at Christmas was not something I particularly enjoy. No offense to anyone who does like this, I’m just saying that it isn’t my style. 

I do love my kids crafts and grandma and grandpas ornaments however, so instead, something I decided that I would start this year is buying my son a mini tree to put in his room. He can put all his ornaments on it that he makes at school or anything grandma and grandpa get him. Once my baby girls get older, I plan to do the same with them. This way, we can keep the sentamentality alive and make it more intentional, but I can still have a style and theme that I enjoy as well. 

3) Do the unexpected…

I like to look for things that maybe some people would overlook to incorporate into my decor. For instance. The blush pink “ornaments” you see here aren’t technically ornaments at all. They are “gift toppers”. Two in a box for only $3 and the look gorgeous on my tree. 

Same thing with my girls stockings. However, this one I can’t take credit for. I saw this idea online at Target and fell in love!  


I feel like most people do this, but believe it or not, I’ve heard of some people that don’t. What?!?! Gift bags are expensive, y’all! I am like the polar opposite of “hoarder”, but I literally save 9 out of 10 gift bags + tissue paper I receive. I got a baby section, Birthday section, Christmas section, and even a Victoria’s Secret bag section. Ok, that last stash is mostly my fault and their bags are so cute and make for great bachelorette party bags. 

Anyway, my point: save and recycle! 

Another cool thing I’ve done this year, is buy a bulk pack of linen bags on Amazon and fabric pens. I wanted to make some of my bags more intentional by drawing on them and writing something. These bags are also something that someone can use for groceries or anything else they might like. 

5) Quality over Quantity

I don’t remember the last time I had a Christmas that was just overflowing with material gifts. In my home, as we got older, it was more about quality and intentionality over how many things we got. Then, being a young married lady, me and my husband didn’t have a lot of money so we really focused our energy in the same manner.  Now we have kid, and to be honest, we still don’t have a lot of money. But, even if we did, I really enjoy smaller Christmases. If I’m “buying just buy” then something is wrong with the motive and I’m especially missing the core of what Christmas is truly about. 

We buy (and buy for each other) so much of what we want and need through the year that we focus on a few things for the kids (mostly needs and some wants), and one or two things for each other. 

Kids love having multiple things to open, so my husband and I try to wrap or bag everything individual. (Another reason to save the bags) šŸ˜‰
So there it is. Five practical tips to making Christmas intentional and wonderful without breaking the bank. 

How do you make Christmas on a budget special? I would love to hear ways that you save money during he holidays without sacrificing the beauty and heart of the season. 

Share with me in the comments below! I love hearing new ideas! 

One thought on “Christmas Decor on a Budget

  1. Love this….love your tree… the ideas (especially the money saving ideas in a time when everything costs more than it should!), and the fact that some of the things we tried to teach you growing up are values you’ve hung on to! I think I passed much of my gift bag collection on to you and Shelz when we moved to Costa Rica. When y’all were little there were some Christmases with more gifts than the legal law should have allowed..but that was rare. One of those was when Uncle Mickey came for Christmas, but my favorite tradition you held to was “less is more”. I’ve never understood the buying just to buy something, rather than allowing Holy Spirit to lead us to what that person would like as a gift blessing.

    Here in Costa Rica there are a plethora of needy children – many of them Nicaraguans – whose families have come to work in the sugar cane or coffee fields. Some of these children have literally NEVER received a gift for any occasion! Many of the gringos begin collecting small gifts in the Fall, and a proprietor friend of ours here contacted the huge department store in Grecia and asked them to give a 20% discount on gifts bought for this charity. About the 2nd week of December a group of the gringos with cars dressed up in Elf hats and delivered the gifts to these children. We heard it was extremely emotional to see these kids laugh and cry all at once over receiving a gift that belonged to them alone! To me, it reminds me of the song that John Lennon & Yoko Ono penned “HAPPY CHRISTMAS (WAR IS OVER)”. The first lyric begins: “And so it is Christmas….and what have you done? Another year older, and a new one just begun.” Yes, indeed: What have we done? I pray it is that we blessed those less fortunate than ourselves, while spreading intentional love to those we hold nearest and dearest every day!

    Probably my ALL TIME FAVORITE FAMILY TRADITION which we began when you and Shelbye were growing up was THE COOKIE EXCHANGE EXTRAVAGANZA. If you wanna have a Christmas celebration on a budget, invite your friends and family to bake a dozen cookies (more if they like) and bring them to the party to share. Provide the very inexpensive cellophane bags that come with twisty ties (found in the party section at Wal-Mart: 1 dozen bags for $1- or Dollar Tree…) so each guest can take some cookies home with them. Since many people want to know how to make their favorite cookie from the Smorgasbord array of sweet delicacies, I would ask the bakers to provide their recipe and I provided recipe cards and a pen for people to copy it down if they chose to do so. We also asked everyone to BYOB while I provided coffee and a simple punch made of Cranberry Juice and Ginger Ale. Christmas paper plates, napkins, etc., are also always found at an affordable price at, again, Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree. Our daughters LOVE this Kunerth Family Tradition more than anything else we did. I cannot take full credit for the idea as I saw it on a specialty cooking show…the name of which I do not recall, but I loved the idea when I heard it and we carried it on until we moved to Costa Rica. So far we’ve not done it here because there are so many gringo parties during the holidays, but we hope to begin the tradition here next year!

    As usual I loved reading your blog, Baby Girl! You are one of God’s gifts to me/us that keeps on giving and I am so proud of the woman, wife, mother, etc., that you are becoming every day! ā¤

    xoxox Mama

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