Healthy Pumpkin Pie

Here’s a recipe that is super easy, super yummy, and super healthy. Isn’t that just………super? 😉

I made this for Thanksgiving and will make it again for Christmas. It was the only pie I ate at Thanksgiving because I really don’t enjoy much pie…what?!?! I know! I am a DESSERT GIRL! But I have this weird thing about hot, mushy fruit, so cobblers are out, pecan pie…blegh, apple pie…I know y’all can’t believe this. So unless it’s sweet potato or pumpkin pie, I’m out. This year, I found a recipe that I adapted a little bit to my liking and made a “pie” that I can actually eat for breakfast, post work out, AND dessert. It’s dairy, gluten, and egg free and the only “sugar” is maple syrup. 

That’s right…it’s healthy, but y’all, it’s so yummy that as much as I wanted to eat, would’ve been just as bad. So, be prepared you will still have to excercise restraint. 

The second best part? It’s what I call Q & E: Quick & Easy! 

I’ve posted a graphic of the recipe below so you should be able to just save it to your phone or computer. #yourewelcome 

Happy & Healthy Holidays to you!



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