The Greatest Love…

All I have to say, if you’re on the fence about becoming a mom/parent-just do it! It will wreck your heart more than you know and you will never be so glad. Your hands will be extremely full, your eyes will be tired, your feet will be sore, your mind will be scattered. You will ache to have a girls night and then you will be out with your girls talking about your children the whole time and be missing them. You will start to think that maybe you’re bipolar because you can go from angry to happy with one bat of their eyelashes. All you will want is for them to go to sleep and when they do you may just watch them. You will fall more in love with your husband. You will shower again. You will have sex again. You will go on a date again. You will have days when you wonder what the heck you were thinking by becoming a mom. You will feel like you aren’t cut out for it some days. You WILL mess it up some days. But your heart will flood with love time and time again and it will be the thing that will actually become the most overwhelming. And you will never ever regret making and bringing life into this world. It’s when I look at them, just as I did as I snapped this photo, that I felt another wave rush over me. I said a silent prayer of gratefulness in my heart that I have the privilege of stewarding these lives. For loving them. For watching them become. For seeing my flesh multiplied. For seeing the product of hard labored love. For seeing what love created. And I felt an immense sense of the Father Gods love for me at an even greater level so much so that I was undone. The way I feel for them is how he feels for me. This is something I’ve only ever experienced like this after becoming a mom/parent. I will NEVER forget this moment right here. Never… #inlovewiththem #itsagoodlife

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