Top 100 List and One For You!

While I was in the hospital on bed rest, I got contacted by someone at, an online healthy meal ordering company, that I made the list of “The Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Until Now)“. I was floored. This was pretty exciting for me and totally unexpected. I feel so grateful to have made a list with 99 other wonderfully influential and passionate people. 

A huge thank you to the people at Diet to Go for featuring me and my blog. It’s great to know I’m making a difference, that people see, and to get out there even more to change lives for the better. All giddy right now!

As a “thank you”, I want to share with you a FREE grocery shopping list I created that you can simply save to your phone so it is always with you. 

If you are wondering, “What in the heck do I buy at the store? What are my healthy options? I have no idea where to start.” Well, this is the grocery list for you. I’ve categorized it all out for you so you can shop by category of “protein” or “produce” is all you need. 

Enjoy. Share this blog with your friends. Send them the picture. Friends don’t let other friends eat unhealthy. 😉
Have a wonderful, happy, healthy day! 


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One thought on “Top 100 List and One For You!

  1. Wow! Congratulations Baby Girl! When people tell me they need to change stuff in their diet and don’t know where to start I refer them to your page. I think a lot of them think, “Well sure she’s gonna tell me her daughter knows what she’s talking’s her daughter.” Now I have proof that you are noteworthy and worthy to be listened to! ❤ I am so proud of you! ❤ xoxoxo ❤ Mama

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