Hard Work Pays Off

I want to share this photo with you today to encourage you that the work you put in every day DOES PAY OFF. It’s not just about how you look. It’s also how you feel. 

✨The top left-2yrs post 1st baby. I put in hard work in the gym and in the kitchen. I didn’t do anything magical. It didn’t happen overnight. I am not just “lucky”. You can achieve the same thing I can if you put in the work and be patient. ✨Bottom left-6 wks after 1st baby. Active and ate well pre pregnant. Also active the whole pregnancy. In contrast (bottom right picture),

✨6 wks post twins. It wasn’t until I put them side by side that I was surprised to see that they aren’t much different-in appearance. But the circumstances were in pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. My twin pregnancy was the OPPOSITE from active. Bed rest, muscle atrophy, and c-section vs. vaginal waterbirth. This goes to show that 1) nutrition is key! It’s one thing I had control over on bedrest. I enjoyed what I wanted when I wanted, but overall, made healthy choices. And 2) having a strong core is essential. Don’t get me wrong, I was WEAK after being down so long and am having to rehab A LOT, but my ab separation was only a 2 finger gap after TWINS and 2nd pregnancy. *normal is 1-1.5.*

✨Ultimately, you know what all these photos have in common? They are all beautiful. They are all me. And I’m proud of all them. They are all examples of strength and health. One version of myself did 132 burpees without rest and ran a half marathon in under 2 hours. The other carried and birthed 3 babies (which is harder than both of those other workouts combined). I like to work out for how I feel and to be healthy. I like to make muscles AND babies. I don’t expect to have the body I had before kids and I don’t want that body. I just want to enjoy my healthy body NOW. Stretch marks, loose skin, wider hips and all. Strong and healthy is what’s most important. After all, I have 3 kids to keep up with now. 

Put in the hard work. Be diligent everyday in your process. Know that there is no magic pill. You can achieve anything you put your mind to. But remember to love your body in all its forms and for all it does. It truly is amazing!

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