The Horse and the Rider: embracing the season you are in. 

My friends,

It has been awhile. I offer no apologies because my life has been nothing short of a whirlwind roller coaster. If you’ve followed me here or on any of my social media platforms, you know that.  If you’re new to my page, first– welcome! Second, you can scroll around and get very quickly acquainted with my life. 

While I admit, I would love to be posting more than I am, I have to embrace my life right now for a the beautiful messiness it is. You see, it is so easy for me to get caught up in all the “this is how often you should be posting a week”, and “post this specific content for your target market”, and all the stuff that comes with that “girl boss” side of me, etc. While there is a method to this blogging madness, there is also something that I have always appreciated most about anyone I personally follow-authenticity. And authenticity is something I deeply try and cultivate in my own life. So here’s the deal, if you read my header you will see that I will post many different blogs over many different topics (lifestyle, marriage, family, fitness, food, beauty/fashion, yoga) and I’m unapologetic for that. Why? Because that’s me. That’s my life. I’m a wife, mom, Yogi, blogger, aspiring entrepreneur, personal trainer, lover of food and fashion and fitness. I wear many hats and I love them all. Maybe one day I create a more market specific blog or website, and actually that is the goal. But I may keep this one as well. Whether it becomes a memoir/journal that I go back to read, or if I keep it active and continue to blog on it for the simple and personal fact that I love sharing my life with people, to connect with people, and to write, who knows. But I used to live my life too far in the future. YES, I have future goals, I am making sure to take time on strategically figuring out how to make those future goals present. But, I’m also finding deeper bliss in making sure that in my efforts to create a future, I don’t miss out on the present. After all, it is the today that becomes the tomorrow. And once again, if you’ve followed me for awhile, you know how important balanced living is to me. Extremes are never that healthy. There is, to me, a “sweet spot” of understanding that while you have control over how your life turns out, life is sweet as it is experienced as well. When it comes to creating a balanced life, I like to think of it like riding a horse.  If the rider pulls the reins too tight, the horse becomes stressed and tends to buck. However, if you provide no gentle control, you may either end up not getting anywhere or end up somewhere you don’t like. There is a beautiful marrying between the horse and the rider that I like to remember on this ride of life. There is steady communication of guidance and control from the rider knowing where he needs to go, and simultaneously the rider enjoys feeling and experiencing the grace of being in tune with the ride itself–not just his destination. 
If I hadn’t let the story of my life play out at all and took full control of what I wanted or thought was “best”, I wouldn’t be married, or have three beautiful kids.  Sure I might be further into the girl boss life, and might have already reached a lot of the business goals I still have and still am pursuing. But, as I look at life, I’m glad that I didn’t hold the reins too tight. There’s parts of my life I want to write for myself, and will, because it’s a destiny inside me to fulfill, part of my makeup as a human. But there’s also a lot of my story that has just..become….and it’s become all of the color.

Embrace WHERE you are with ALL you are and stay true to WHO are.

 It’s important to know what season you are in. There are seasons for going hard creating your blueprint and putting your nose down and making it become reality in your life, and there are seasons, for really just being present and enjoying the journey you are on. But once again, as you are in the growing, resting, enjoying, and reaping phase, don’t forget to keep your goals ignited and your eyes peeled for opportunities to take and choices to make that continue to shape the life you want. Simultaneously, while you’re in the plowing phase, don’t forget to look up once awhile to enjoy the sky. 

P.S. I started writing this blog to share something entirely different with you (which I will now put in the next blog soon), but as I began to write, this is what came out. Just another example in letting off the reins a little and trusting that this is what needed to be written here in the NOW. I think I subconsciously needed to remind myself of all of the above and I can only hope that someone else needed to hear this as well. 

Embrace WHERE you are with ALL you are and stay true to WHO are.

2 thoughts on “The Horse and the Rider: embracing the season you are in. 

  1. Well….this was certainly what I (your MOM) needed to hear! With so much still on 2016’s agenda for me and your dad, I need to make sure to do just that: “Embrace WHERE I am with ALL I am and stay true to WHO I am.” I find that I am constantly having to remind myself to not pull the reins too tight on this “horse” I am on! At the same time, I also find myself struggling with my OCD tendencies, perfectionism, being task driven, and my “git er dun” personality! In the midst of those struggles I have learned that I MUST, for my own survival and sanity, draw closer to the Father and lay my head on His chest, hear His heartbeat, and REST. Doing so goes so against all the turmoil, anxiety, and desire to have all these things behind me already!!!! Amazingly, however, when I do so I am empowered beyond belief by His Love & Grace and the “ride” seems to go much more smoothly when I stop “kicking against the goads”! (Acts 9:5)

    Thank you for allowing Him to show you what treasures He has buried in your heart that we all needed to hear today, Honey Bear! It blessed me for sure! I KNOW it blessed many others as well!

    I love you so!
    Mama ❤

  2. I needed to hear this.”God told me coming to California was going to look different. I am enjoying a season I thought had passed. Very chill no rushing and lots of renewal of my mind. Much to ponder. Have been simply going with the flow and rythymn of Holy Spirit. As a past bottom line kind of woman this has been quite interesting. Thank you Caitlin. Love you dearly


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