A Small Space Nursery for Twin Girls

How about we start the morning off with ALL THINGS BABY GIRL(S)?

My sister had asked me when I first got pregnant if she could do a surprise nursery for me. Now, no one in their right mind would say no to this because my sister is like freaking Joanna Gaines. She is the amazing Pinterest version (you’ll see what I mean below) and I’m like the horrible “nailed it” side by sides you see on the Internet. Now now, I have the vision. Implementation is not my forte. It’s a patience thing. I’m working on it. I mean who wants to sand and prime and sand and prime. Just go buy a new one. Getting any idea why I don’t do well with fixer upper/design? So of course, I was so excited. I love surprises. I said, “Yes!!!” (Just like that)

Little did we know what a blessing that was going to turn out to be because at 17 weeks pregnant we hit major complications with our twin girls. If you’re new to my blog and have never read our miracle journey you can read here

Are you caught up? Okay then….let’s continue. 

You see, I was on bed rest 4 months and in the hospital for a month of that. I didn’t get to come home until 4 days post delivery and my sister was waiting to show me the nursery. I walked in and just burst into tears!! It’s EXACTLY what I would have wanted. And exactly what I had envisioned, but better, obviously. Probably cause I didn’t do it. We’ve gone over this. 

More than anything, however, what touched me so deep was that nothing was just placed in there. Everything had a personal touch. And by personal, I mean that multiple people gave my sister money to do this nursery makeover. People hand made the bedding. Monogrammed blankets. Refinished furniture. Nothing was just store bought and placed there. And that was the sweetest gift of all. After our long, very hard journey that wasn’t over yet since our girls were in NICU, this was another glimmer of hope that I would bring them home and they would be in these precious cribs. 

My heart was a puddle remembering the countless people that were surrounding and supporting us through it all. I would never have been able to put a nursery together, but I got my girls dream nursery because of beautiful beautiful souls who poured out love on my family in one of the most trying times. I will NEVER forget the generosity of this. 

So without further ado, here are the pictures of Emery and Dylan’s nursery. Their room was originally an open study off the master that they closed in and made a true third bedroom. It’s a small little room and oh so perfect. 

You can follow my sister (the brains and beauty behind all of this) at @shelbyeging on Instagram as well as @shelbyegingphoto (her photography-gram). These photos were taking by her after she finished the room. 

Blankets were from Home Goods and monogrammed. bed skirts were handmade by a friend. im dead!💞
My sister found the dresser cheap and gave it a face lift
if I told you the picture on the wall was a picture of flowers that my sister painted over to give it a watercolor look and added the quote, would you believe me?
one crib was our sons that she painted white and she got another identical to it off craigslist for $50 and painted that as well
she “threw together” a book sling with scraps from the bed skirts. She’s ridiculous!

One thought on “A Small Space Nursery for Twin Girls

  1. Hey Shelbye, I need you to stay on call so I can hire you to do this to my nursery when the time comes! Thanks! So beautiful, Cait!

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