Emery & Dylan: Our Journey Home {36 week update}

Well, here we are at what will be 36 weeks gestation on Wednesday the 22nd of June. We left off last time talking about all the things the girls have to do in order to go home. We are checking these things off the list rapidly…

Both girls have continued to gain weight. Dylan is now over 5 lbs and Emery is 4 lb. 10 oz. as of 6/20/2016. 

Both girls are nutritively breastfeeding and bottle feeding when mommy isn’t there. We did our first tandem breastfeed 6/16/2017 and we are champs! Dylan has proven that she does not need to be fed by tube and so she no longer has her feeding tube in. {Yay!!} Emery is almost there. 

On this same day, both girls also moved to open cribs and have kept body temperatures and weights progressive. {Double yay!}

Emery had to be put back on a nasal cannula giving her just a little extra oxygen. She is such an eager little girl with a strong determination to fight and press through. I so love that about her. It also means, however, that she tuckers herself out, too. Our Doctor didn’t consider this a set back. Instead, he said that she just wore herself out and needs some rest. This provides her with the ability to rest while it simultaneously help her lungs get stronger which her lungs can only do if she’s rested. She is on orders to try without it as much as is tolerated until she weans completely off of it. She continues to floor people when they see how far she has come in just 4 weeks. Medically speaking, she shouldn’t be as advanced as she is. What a continuos example of our miracle working God. 

Dylan will be home within the week!! We brought both car seas up today because a Emery will not be far behind. 

Dylan has to show 48 hrs of weight gain as well as pass 90 minutes in her car seat with out dropping heart rate and then she will be cleared to come home! That will be Thursday the 23rd of June. Please pray with us over these next few days for these things to go without a hitch. 

We are so excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our little family is moving towards finally being completely whole and together and we are so excited and ready! It’s hard to not bring them both home together but we know we are at the end. It’s been a very hard and long long long (one more for good measure)… LONG road, and yet I’m amazed that my girls who were born very premature have only been in NICU 4 weeks and are moving toward moving out already. God is so good and these girls are my heroes. They have taught me much. 

Please continue to pray for all of us through these next transitions; that we would all adapt easily and peacefully. That there would be no set backs. That we would have no fear bringing them home without the “safety net” of the hospital. And that there would be uber amounts of grace for everyone in it all. 

We will continue to keep everyone updated on this next phase. 

Don’t forget, I also post little updates and adorable pictures on the Instagram I started for the girls—>@doubledermotts. 


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