Emery& Dylan: Two weeks old (33 weeks & 4 days gestation)

Two weeks ago we stepped into–more like got THRUST into–a whirlwind birth of twins and NICU life. Other than an initial big scare with Emery immediately following her arrival earth side, each girl has done nothing but climb up up up the healthy progress ladder without any setbacks. Praise God! Here’s our newest update…

Since our last blog, both girls have since continued to come off IV fluids, upped feeds, and begun the practice of breastfeeding even though it’s non-nutritive right now. Emery came off CPAP mere days after Dylan, (so now both girls are on room air) and got her chest tube taken out, as well. 

In the last ten days, our girls have been moved rooms twice because of their progress, ending up currently in the Special Care Nursey: a private room where they aren’t considered high-risk any longer and are basically here to get stronger and fatter. ☺️ 

Speaking of fat, Dylan hit 4lbs on June 2nd. She now weighs 4lbs. 4.1oz. and sister E isn’t far behind at 3 lbs. 13.8oz. 

As of now, it’s just a wait and grow thing. 

In order for us to take our baby girls home, there are about three big milestones we are looking at:

-They have to be taking full feeds by either breast or bottle. 

 -Move to open air beds (which means they can hold their body temperature without losing weight. 

-And pass the car seat test where they show no signs of distress for 90 min. 

We are not too far away from any of these milestones, but it is hard going home every night without our girls. 

 Please continue to pray for baby girls for strength, resilience, endurance, and stamina to finish their own journey of growing and becoming. This is so important for them to finish each step properly and we will endure with them, but we are so ready to experience the joys of having our family of five to be together, finally. 

First time we got to tandem hold our little loves. Heart explosion!
Special Care Nursery
Twins. Are. AWESOME!!!
Miss Dylan looking so much like big brother here!
Emery and her precious pout.

2 thoughts on “Emery& Dylan: Two weeks old (33 weeks & 4 days gestation)

  1. Congratulations! I am excited for you and also empathetic of the relatively long NICU stay. Thank God they are doing so well and are just there to feed and grow, but I know it has to hurt your heart to leave them there at night. Thinking of you and your gorgeous baby girls. Takes me back to 9 months ago when our twin girls were born. ❤️

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