Diaper Bag for Twins

…and some extra cute accessories to fill it. 

Today, while I’m just laying up in this hospital bed, I figured I would share with you my diaper bag I purchased for the girl was well as everything in it. I’ve done a lot of research on what “kind” of bag to get for twins and what you need in the bag, etc,etc,etc. That, coupled with what I learned through trial and error with my son, brought me to my end result that you will see below. 

This post is be a resource for a mom looking for ideas for her upcoming life with multiples. But after putting this altogether, it can be a great resource for soon to be singleton mommies as well; I wish I would have gone this route with my singleton. This post also features ALL THE CUTE GIRL THINGS from blankets to binkies in case just even one thing catches your eye. I hope you enjoy this post. Let’s dig in!

First of all, the bag. 

I did a lot of research and without fail, parents of multiples said, “Get a backpack!” This obviously makes sense, and I will say, I didn’t need much convincing because I wish I had gone the backpack route with my singleton. Personally, a shoulder bag is just bulky and distributes weight unevenly. 

After then researching many a diaper backpack of all price ranges and styles, and watching many reviews (I’m a nerd like that), this is the diaper backpack I chose. 

The: Skip Hop Diaper Backpack. I’m IN LOVE! 

(Picture pulled from toysrus website)

What I love about it:

I’m an organization fanatic and this diaper bag has it all, big deep openings for your bigger items, but many separate assigned compartments for the things you don’t want to have to try and dig to the bottom for. It has to removable compartments-one mesh for dirty clothes or other essentials and one insulated cooler. It comes in two colors (both quilted material that’s easy to clean). I went with the black color just because it was understated, simple, and I didn’t want it overdone. It also has stroller straps which is an awesome feature and a separate place for moms iPhone and wallet. This is extra special cause Lord knows I won’t be carrying a purse for awhile. It comes with a little portable changing pad but it’s very small. So, I registered for a different one from the same company and I love it about as much as the bag itself. 

Next item in the bag:Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station in Chevron

What I love: 

It’s compact when folded, but it’s big when you open it up. My biggest pet-peeve about the smaller one I had with my son (which was just a rectangle, really) was that as he got older, bigger, and more active, it became pointless to have anything under him cause it was too small length and width wise. This has dimension to it as well as being long and wide. 

If you click on the link you can see that it can be all one piece or it unzips into two separate pieces if you just want the mat portion or the section that holds diapers and wipes. I love this! I love common sense put into practice and innovation. So far, Skip Hop gets five stars out of me. 


Next item up:

The one thing I hate is a dirty paci. Or a paci with no place to put it. I purchased the cutest Pacifier Pod from Ju-Ju-Be on Amazon. It attaches to the outside of the diaper bag for easy access and keeps the pacifiers from getting lost or dirty. WIN! 

Now for filling the bag with all the girly things. 

I purchased the most ADORABLE 3-pack Muslin Cotton swaddle blankets off 

http://littleunicorn.com for $38. 

Aren’t they darling?! And they are oh so soft!!

Next up:

A 4 in 1 nursing cover, carseat canopy, seat protector for shopping cart, and scarf from 


I got the floral mismatch pattern and ordered two because…twins. If you follow their Instagram, you can get in on some promo specials when they have them which is what I did since I was ordering for two. 

(Photo taken off covered goods site)

I can’t even handle how adorable stripes and florals are for little girls. 

Next up:

The Happy Baby Wrap.

I have a Moby wrap from my first child. This is similar in that it’s a wrap, but I chose to purchase the Happy Wrap because the material is an organic lightweight bamboo. Being that I may tandem wear the girls, as well as the fact it’s going to be summer in Texas, this wrap is made to work well in hotter weather conditions. The Moby was hot even in November when I had my son. Very excited to use this. 

Side note: I also purchased the ErgoBaby 360° as another means of baby wearing, especially for my hubby who prefers soft shell carriers, but I’m keeping the Happy Baby Wrap in the diaper bag since its fabric. 

The other things I have in the bag are the girls’ two going home preemie outfits. Even if they are in the NICU for a bit, they will still fit in these outfits and they sure are darling. Let it be known there will be a picture of them in the outfits but if you want a peek they are in the photo at the top of this post. 

From there I’ll list practical items I keep in my diaper bag:

•Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

•Nose Frida

•Boogie Wipes 

•Paci clips

•Disposable nursing pads

•and any other items mom or baby might need according to your preference. 

I hope this post was helpful if you’re in the market for a bag to purchase for either twins or singleton, and if you have a princess (or two) coming, then at least maybe some of the items and accessories peeked your interest. 

I will be a doing a baby bump date/blog post soon that may or may not include some maternity photos. 😉

If you know if anyone on bed rest in the hospital, maybe they can get some ideas to get some shots of the precious bump even while on bed rest. 

Stay tuned…



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