Emery & Dylan: 25.5 week update 

This morning, I had a sono to check E’s fluid levels and they were up from 2.3 cm last Monday to 2.88 this morning! Yay Jesus! It’s just going to keep going up from here, in Jesus name!!

Also, little Emery has had hiccups which we were praying for God to give us that as an encouraging sign because hiccups indicate fetal lung maturation. Thank you Lord for that sweet little sign. 

Next, my doctor wanted to re-swab to test for amniotic fluid to make sure I wasn’t showing even slight leakage that might not be noticeable. The test came back negative which gives her much confidence that the sac is basically sealed and that it will just keep reaccumulating fluid. 

Because of that, I get to go home today. I’ve already been discharged and am just waiting for my hubby to come pick me up! 

Wow!! What an intense and emotional morning! God is so good, y’all! Like so so miraculously, beyond our wildest dreams, GOOD!! I’m just sitting here amazed and in awe and can’t thank Him enough. 

I will see the doctor weekly from here on out and we expect to just keep seeing increase in fluid. The better her fluid levels are, aside from the obvious health of her lungs, also gives us more of a chance for my doctor to not induce me at 34 weeks. I want to go as long as possible for both of their lungs’ sake. 

Thank you everyone for your prayers. I can’t even express the gratitude! We will continue to keep everyone updated as we go so we can keep celebrating this miracle that just keeps unfolding before our eyes! Wow!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers for:

•continued fluid increase 

•no leaking of fluid whatsoever 

•no bleeding

•no preterm labor

•perfect lungs for baby girls

•no NICU time for either baby girls

•no induction before at least 36 weeks. 

Thank you to our tribe surrounding us! We could not walk this journey without all of you!


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