Emery & Dylan: 24.5 week update

Hello friends! I wanted to check in with a quick update about our girls. 

I’m finished with the steroid shots and today is the last day for my antibiotic. They have done Non Stress Test monitoring on the girls twice a day for the last 5 days. It’s an adventure to get both babies on sometimes, but once they are, people are floored by how beautifully they do; not only for twins, but for 24 week twins. *I know none of us are surprised ;-)*

This morning I had a quick sono to check on little E’s fluid. Her fluid has increased to 2.3 cm! Her sac is sealing. For whatever reason, it’s doing so slowly, but it IS sealing. Thank you Jesus! 

My doctor shocked my socks off because she had originally said she needed to see at least 4 cm to release me, but she told me this morning she will check it again next Monday and if Emery’s fluid is at 2.5cm, she will look at sending me home! I’m obviously showing no signs of labor and the fact fluid is reaccumulating means I’m not trying to go into labor, and Baby Girls are perfect! I will still need to take it easy and stay low key to finish out the pregnancy and that is just fine by me. In good conscience, I don’t think I could do anything BUT that and sill need to be wise. But, to be home with my boys and able to step outside in the sun is such a light to look forward to. 

•For this next week we really need your prayers that her fluid comes up to 2.5. I’m praying (and encourage all of you praying with us) to press in for more because I know God can do it, and not to mention, the more the better for her. But all we need for me to go home is 2.5. So…this week is a big one!!

•Please also pray for Grace and Peace and Strength for this next week over my son, my husband, and my mom’s that are helping shuffle my son around and take care of him while Kalen works during the day.  This can get very taxing and so many shifts and transitions have had to take place to make it work. I’m proud and amazed at how well it’s all gone so far, but it’s also a not a walk in the park. 

•Please pray for that my mind stays steady on HIM and the promise and truth. Doubt and fear like to try and creep and in the next week especially, I want my body, mind, and spirit, to remain at peace.  

 Thank you so much everyone for standing with us in this. For aligning your faith with Heaven. And for pressing in to see this miracle continue to unfold. We love all of you!!

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