Emery & Dylan: 22.5 week update

I’m not even quite sure how to start this post out…except to just come right out and say it…

As of yesterday afternoon at our appointment, our Em’s has 2.1 cm of fluid!! That is a whole centimeter more. Thank you Jesus! I physically felt my blood pressure drop as the the tears poured out of my eyes. God is so good!

She also continues to catch up in weight. When everything first happened almost 6 weeks ago, the growth difference between the girls was 20%. Two weeks ago, it was only 12%. Yesterday, there is only a 7% difference-which is basically the same. Dylan weighs 1 lb. 2 oz. and Emery is 1 lb. 1 oz. Let me tell y’all, when I was pregnant with my son, I only had 3.5 pounds of baby at 30 weeks. I currently have 2 pounds at 23 weeks. I don’t feel so bad now for already being pretty uncomfortable. πŸ™‚ I have never felt better to feel uncomfortable in my life.

Now for the more detailed information…

I will still be admitted to the hospital next Monday (March 28th) to receive 7 days of antibiotics to decrease risk of infection and 2 days of steroid shots to give the girls lungs a chance. Why they still need to do this is because (and mind you, this is written from doctors perspective, concern, and medical facts):

-There is still a chance for preterm labor.

-There is still a chance for the babies and/or me to develop infection. This can go undetected which is why I will be put on a monitor for 40 minutes, twice a day. In the event that infection were to occur without any physical warnings in my body, the monitor would pick it up with signs that the babies would show, and they would immediately deliver the babies. (Hence, why steroid shots are administered.)

Kalen and I feel fully confident none of these things will occur, but it doesn’t change the fact we still have to go and there’s no reason to deny this step.

In discussing options with our doctor, here is where we are at…

The fact that Emery’s fluid has increased means there HAS been sealing in the sac. However, Dylan is at 6cm. If Emery’s sac was COMPLETELY sealed, her fluid should have been up there by now as well. We have already seen a miracle happen friends and now we just have more strategy in how we pray now: COMPLETE SEALING.

We talked with our doctor about checking her fluid after the week of antibiotics is up. Initially, our doctor said she would release me as long as she sees equal fluid in the babies  (basically 6 cm on both). However, 4 cm is healthy and anything after that is just bonus. So, if (and when!) Emery’s fluid comes up to 4 cm, she would keep me one more week just to make sure it holds there; at which point, she said, I would consider the sac completely sealed, and would release you. Holy what?!?! That basically means we are potentially only looking at being in the hospital 2 weeks.

Friends, we have already witnessed a miracle here. Her fluid is rising. God has shown himself so faithful like he always does. Our natural minds always wonder to thoughts of “Why wouldn’t He just do it all right now?” But, two things I continue to learn, is that why is a dangerous question, and being unsubmissive to process is actually what creates more pain than the process itself. Easier said then done-believe me! However, I choose not to look at anything but the faithfulness of God and the miracle He has already performed, and continues to perform, in the lives of our girls. This process is actually bringing life to much more than just my babies. This process is restoring and reconciling so much; some things we’ve seen already, and some I believe we have yet to see. It’s humbling that is for sure. It challenges selfish desires on a whole new level.

So friends and prayer warriors, we continue to press in for more and we continue to press into HIM more. None of this is made possible without the ONE who makes it possible. He is a good Father who loves His children with a fierce love. He is FOR me, for my family, for my girls, and for you! He sees all. He is in all. He IS all. And our hope and anchor is in HIM.

Please continue to stand and believe for the complete sealing of Emery’s sac and for more than enough fluid by the end of next week. This is the biggest thing. But, if you would also pray and believe with us for no infection or preterm labor, as well. I still want to keep that last thing covered in prayer even though I feel at peace about it not being an issue. We take it week by week and trust in Him no matter what, but we also continue to take our authority that He has given us and declare those things that be not as though they are; on earth as it is in Heaven. And we continue to celebrate the miracles we have already seen and give God endless praise and gratitude.

Thank you to all of you who continue to stand, believe, press in, encourage, and walk this out with us. Our gratitude to all of you is immeasurable.

And to everyone who has brought meals, comes and cleans my house once a week, completed all the home update projects, and those of you who have given in so many ways, Kalen and I bless you and speak abundant blessings on you and yours. Your reward is going to be great for your selflessness and your pouring out to us in this time! Our hearts remain full. The family of God is great! Along with Jesus, your outpouring, prayers, and love, have kept our spirits up, our heads high, and our feet firm.

PS. I can’t wait to hold my beautiful girls! But not too soon! πŸ˜‰


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