Healthier Living and Social Media

This is a long post. It’s one I encourage you to read and share if you like. It’s been on my heart for awhile.

This is not meant to be a post for debate, for shaming, or out of any negative connotation trying to state social media is bad or anything like that. Cause that’s not how I feel. Some may read into what I’m NOT saying, but again, this is really just a story of my personal journey on this topic and how it’s being used to cultivate more health in my life. My only hope is that my heart will be heard and that it will inspire and I truly think it could be thought provoking.I love pictures. I love taking them. I love sharing them. They are a beautiful way to look back and reminisce. Gosh, Timehop gives me all the feels. I don’t hate social media. It’s a wonderful tool to connect loved ones from all around the world, and for entrepreneurs to grow their business in ways the generations before us never could. I do, however, believe that too much of one thing can become unhealthy. I believe everything should be treated with balance and care. I am talking about an obligation, or even an addiction, or a bad habit, or a lack of intentionality in it that can make it very quickly unhealthy. Where we feel the NEED to constantly be on, share, and update everyone or we are are working way to much to be successful in our growing business and yet the true wealth of the people or our family right in front of us are being put on the back burner. 

 I started to ask myself, “Out of the 500+ friends on facebook, how many of them are your core people, Caitlin? The people that walk the trenches of life with you everyday? How many are acquaintances that you enjoy seeing updates about and giving updates to? Do you feel obligated to share everything from your baby eating his first ice cream cone or you and your friend out to lunch? Do you feel obligated to constantly take or share pictures instead of just being in the moment as part of it?” Simply put, no. Maybe at one point I did, but as I get older and out of an honor for self-awareness and self-growth, and as I realize that at my core is a huge passion for balance, something I am passionate about and something I feel called to release, so many shifts have taken place. We will never have perfect balance in this world, but I do believe we can cultivate a lot of it in this world of nothing but extremes.

No offense to any of my family, but I don’t feel obligated to share everything with aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., who I’ve never really had relationship with in the first place. I don’t feel the NEED to constantly post pictures of my kid or _____ (insert other news here) Actually, I prefer not to blast my kid or have them blasted all over the internet constantly. Once it’s there, it’s there forever. Again, I realize some people will read what I’m NOT saying. It doesn’t mean I WON’T. I love to take and will continue share cute pics of my kid and update close friends and acquaintances the like about our news. Even from there, I’ve had many close core friends come out of them once being an acquaintance ON social media. I’ve felt deeply connected to and created a friendship with someone I’ve never met that lives in another state through the community social media. So again, this is not about being one way more than the other. It’s about possibly a validation or a NEED to do it and it’s about what is healthy BALANCE. 

So with any thing that could be deemed, an issue, I believe we should be asking ourselves or seeking guidance for steps toward making a remedy. Right? 

For me, it’s intentionality and balance. It’s figuring out whats unnecessary and whats beneficial and what’s not.

I ask myself these questions about what’s beneficial or necessary…

Do I NEED to:

-Take this picture? (Some memories don’t need to be snapshotted. Some memories are for my mind and heart alone. And feeling an unhealthy need to always document, could take me out of the experience of it altogether. Then what’s the point?If you’ve seen Elizabethtown, you know what I’m talking about where she never has a camera but holds her hands up as if she did and pretends to take a picture. Her way of saying, “I’m creating a memory right now. I pause to take it in and to hold it in my heart to never forget.”)

-Post this picture?

-Take the picture but NOT post it? (many pictures have been taken and not shared. Pictures or news journaled for me and my husband and/or children to look back on one day, just us.)

Share this news with everyone or just with the few or face to face with a close friend?

Be on social media period right now?

-Will I survive if I don’t have my phone, if I don’t check it, if I don’t post it, see who’s liked it, or commented?

These may seem silly, but when asked these questions, the answers can be shocking.

From there, it’s intentionality. I’m not religious about it, but I started just organically creating and blocking off healthy time and space to scroll/post/work (on what I hope to grow into a healthy business someday). And when I’ve done that, I’m off of it. Spending time and having quality time playing with my kid, talking with my husband, looking at that friend in the eye over lunch or pedicures (that we may actually not document for social media;-)). Once these questions are asked and answered, and I’ve done my part to set healthy perimeters in and for my own life, then I actually find more freedom and enjoy it all more. When I want to post, take a picture, work on business ventures, share news, scroll and see others news/pics, Pinterest, etc., I can do so out of a place of knowing it’s not for validation, worth, or an addiction. It’s just because I do, and it’s good. Moderation. Balance. Taking inventory of your life feels good. It is good. 

So again, I really do hope this post did nothing other than possibly inspire YOU. I’m on a huge journey maybe for the first time in my life for true wholeness, to make sure I am constantly seeking self-growth, self-awareness, self-love to be everything I was created to be and not who other people or society thinks I should be, and this is just one area that I’ve personally walked through. 

Lots and lots of light and love!

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