How to Get an Effective Outdoor Workout

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How to Balance Rest and Activity: 5 Tips to defeating “Sweatpant Syndrome”

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Leg HIIT Workout

Well, it’s the first work week of the new year. Monday. It’s also time to start the week strong with  fat burning and muscle building workout.

I usually take 1-2 rest days (Saturday & Sunday, or sometimes Wednesday & Sunday). When I want to kick it up a notch I only do 1 rest day, but with first trimester kicking my butt, 2 has been the number.

I will be 12 weeks pregnant on Wednesday and I’m finally feeling like we are climbing on up out of this. Five weeks of the utmost fatigue and queasiness and sinus pressure and headaches. Needless to say, if I can get my tennis shoes on without feeling exhausted, I’m winning for the day.

My husband asked me to make up a quick leg workout he could do that also incorporated some fat burning. His only stipulation when he saw the moves was that I had to do it too. Challenge ACCEPTED! So, I thought I would share my Monday workout with you and challenge YOU as well.

Make sure you warm up properly and feel free to grab a weight or two. I plan on using 10 lb weights for the whole thing.

DL= deadlift 

*TIP: put one weight in the same hand of the leg that will lifting backward OR if your right leg is the supporting leg, put the weight in the left hand. Check out my fitness Instagram for a demo of the move later today. 

Hope you enjoy this workout. If you try it, comment here or on my Facebook page or Instagram telling me how long it took you to finish.

Happy New Year. Happy, Healthy YOU!