Day 9: Side Crow| Parsva Bakasana

Day 9 #cdflessonsfromyoga: Side Crow| Parsva Bakasana  
Today’s lesson is be flexible. Not only in body because the benefits now and long term are priceless. But in life. Be flexible. Don’t be so rigid that you can’t bend with the ebb and flows of life. Know when to stand your ground. Know when to let go. Know when to push yourself. And know when not to. Know when to say yes. And know when to say no. Know when to lead. And know when to follow. Know when to laugh. And know when to cry. Know when to speak. And know when to listen. Know when to receive. And know when to give. Know when to run. And know when to walk. Know when to hold on. And know when to let go. Know that forgiveness is always worth it. Loving is always worth it. And hating isn’t. How do we know these things? By being flexible…being willing…having an open heart and open mind.

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