Day 7:  Camel Pose| Ustrasana

Day 7: #cdflessonsfromyoga Camel Pose| Ustrasana  
Today is more of a practical lesson but it does tie in to the big picture of life. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that you have a harder time finding focus, control, and ease in your poses when you just jump straight into them. You MUST warm up the joints and get some heat running through the body. If you’re really into this yoga thing, I highly recommend Sun Salutations. You can find examples on Pinterest, YouTube, Google. If you like to try the poses but that’s about all the yoga you want, just find ways to earn the body up that work for you. You ABSOLUTELY cannot and should not rush anything when it comes to yoga. You shouldn’t rush into the pose, through the pose to the next level, or out of the pose. Everything is about process and acknowledgement. It’s about finding gratitude and wisdom in every stage and then finding peace and ease and a new place of strength within the pose. As you come out of it, you acknowledge the after effects on the body, mind, and spirit. Rushing causes frustration, lack of breathing, pain, and eventually injury. 

In the same way, do not rush your journey in life. Don’t rush into the next season with soaking up every bit of truth and life from the one you’re in currently. Coming out of the worst season of my life, I know firsthand what it’s like to feel depression and wanting to just “have this over with”. When you’re on it, it feels like a lifetime and you think will never see the other side. Don’t rush friend, surrendering is better than fighting it. Take it all in. Even in the tough moments. Let His Grace wash over you and remember that on the other side, it won’t feel like so long. You will feel a reward and a freedom and strength that sustains you and carries you. These will be with you for life. An Arsenal of wisdom, strength, freedom, and peace to have for the journey that lies ahead. 

THIS!! This is what yoga teaches me every single day in poses that challenge me on every level. It teaches me to find the “calm in the storm” knowing that the joy and reward is set before me. 

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