Day 21: Forearm Stand| Pincha Mayurasana

Day 21 #cdflessonsfromyoga: Forearm Stand| Pincha Mayurasana  
How is tomorrow the last day?!😿🙆🏼I just want it to keep going. 

Today’s lesson is about not taking yourself (or others) too seriously. We are all here, imperfect, doing our best at whatever it is we are doing. We are all at different levels. We all have different giftings. We all have a purpose. We all need one another in some form or fashion. We aren’t made to be the same. We are made to be–who we already are. Work on progressing yourself. Don’t stay stagnant. Growth and change is good. Always reach higher. Be someone who chases after a challenge. Be ambitious. Have goals. But, on that path, give yourself grace, let loose, laugh at yourself when you “just can’t even”, and remember that you are human–not a robot. You’re not supposed to have it all together all the time. Even computers break down. ♡

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