Day 20: Eagle Pose| Gharudasana 

Day 20 #cdflessonsfromyoga: Eagle Pose| Gharudasana 
Today’s lesson has no positive fluff to it. But, it’s not negative either. It’s just…real. Today’s lesson is about long, taxing (mentally, physically, emotionally)days. I’m worn out. My mind and my body. Something I’ve learned when I have days-or weeks- like this, is that it is easier to first accept yourself in it. Accept that you’re done. Accept that you have nothing left in your tank. Accept every emotion you’re feeling. Accept that your day was just “what it was”. Sometimes we over analyze our emotions and our situations to the point it creates more stress. Look, if it needs your attention and scrutiny, it will still be there. So for me tonight, I’m struggling even writing this. I’m DONE. I want my wine and my Netflix. 😜But, I could be sitting here analyzing every detail wondering what I could’ve done better. But even if that’s “necessary”, I first have to accept that I am human, nothing and no one is perfect, and that its ok. So rest, relax, disconnect so you can re-connect, and breathe……..👌🏼🙏🏼👌🏼

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