Day 19 : Pistol Squat

Day 19 #cdflessonsfromyoga: Pistol Squat  
Today’s lesson is about being intentional. In your relationships, in your studies, in your yoga/working out, in your nutrition, in yourself…however, whatever, whenever, just stay intentional. Reach out to that friend even when you think you can’t (or maybe don’t want to). Keep pursuing connection. Always. In your health, be intentional. Don’t get too caught up in thinking that health and fitness is just for the vain. WRONG! We were MADE to eat certain foods and certain foods were MADE for our benefit. Be intentional about staying healthy. Be intentional when it comes to learning and getting things done. Integrity plays a big part in this. Don’t be lazy. Know when to rest and take a break, but it’s humbling to always work hard and be proud of putting your heart, your head, and your hands to something that makes change in this world. Be intentional with yourself. Check in. Go to therapy–it’s healthy. Ask yourself how you’re doing. Work toward a better you. Take time for you. Love you. It’s NOT selfish. You can’t give out love that you don’t even have for yourself. Believe it or not, all these lessons I’ve put down so far in the last 19 days, were lessons I learned through the practice of yoga. This is something that through my journey, I’ve learned. Things that I’m taught every day in my practice. They’ve been brought out of me. It’s amazing! And I’m grateful. ♡

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