Day 13: Half Moon Pose| Ardha Chandrasana 

Day 13 #cdflessonsfromyoga: Half Moon Pose| Ardha Chandrasana   
Today’s lesson is learning the “art of balance”. I truly believe that finding balance in all things-meaning you stop swinging from extreme to extreme-is at the core of living happy, healthy, and whole. 

If we are constantly thinking with a “black and white” mentality, we never see all the color. The fact is, there ARE gray areas in life. No one and no one situation are the same. We cannot put our life, our circumstances, our emotions, or people on a box. 

Within that, don’t make balance a legalistic ritual either. If y’all haven’t seen the movie EAT PRAY LOVE (basically my favorite movie ever!), watch it! If you have then you know what I’m about to say:

She goes out in search of true love and balance and freedom. So far so good until her genuine and healthy attempts become unhealthy and “extreme” in nature. She ends up almost losing the truest love of her life because of the fact that he was upsetting her balance. The guru she’s talking to looks at her and says, “To lose ones balance for love is to find true balance”. So remember…balance should create freedom. If you feel in bondage to something-even balance itself-then take a step back, reasses, and then start again.

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