Day 12: Upward Plank| Purvottanasana 

Day 12 #cdflessonsfromyoga: Upward Plank| Purvottanasana   
Today’s lesson is about coming back to the heart. Coming back to what matters. Coming back to the core of everything you are and value. 

I saw something tonight that talked about (yoga related) not focusing on the pose but what the pose makes you “feel”. When you listen to that. You learn and grow more than you think. 

It’s the same in everyday life. We get caught up in “doing” and going through the motions. It’s good to remember WHO we are in WHAT we do. We can lose ourself in the doing. Our core value, coming back to the heart, coming back to who we are makes WHAT we DO have value and impact and authenticity. It creates freedom and purpose and it gives way for gifts and talents to be expressed because we were all created with them for a purpose in this world. We all represent a piece of the puzzle that makes up every essential thing that is needed. It’s within us. Take time to find, come back, and remind yourself who you are and watch what you do light the world.

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