Day 11: Figure 4 Pose|Eka Pada Utkatasana 

Day 11: #cdflessonsfromyoga Figure 4 Pose|Eka Pada Utkatasana   
Today is still casting a sweet glow on my heart. God brought #yoga into my life at a time I really needed it. It helped bring me out of despair and hopelessness and from there it continues to bless me and teach me, but I also see how God uses it as a ministry to bless others as I live HIS love and transformation out. It’s not about winning souls for me. It’s simply about living out what I receive and if I can just be an example of light, love and everything my Jesus is in someone’s day, then my heart is full and I know HIS is. 
Today, three little 9&10 year old girls approached me fascinated with my yoga practice. Asking a million questions, I said, “do you want to come try?” You thought they would’ve just won the lottery! For the next half hour we played and yoga’d and had conversations that blessed me in a million ways. They brought me such joy in their childlikeness and reminded me what it’s like to be truly grateful and find the good in everything. When they left, as I was packing up, a lady approached me telling me that she is struggling with a tough decision and that she came here to find peace and an answer from God. She said that as she watched me with the little girls, that she received the key to the answer she was looking for. We hugged and cried and it’s the first time I’ve prayed for someone in over a year. We all walked away with something NEW today. It reminded me that authenticity is priceless. It humbled me by showing me that no matter how many moments I may feel “less than”, I may just be THE WORLD to someone else. We all have something to receive and we all have something to offer and a light to shine. LET IT SHINE! LET IT SHINE! LET IT SHINE!🌟#cdflessonsfromyoga

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