Day 2: Supported Headstand|Salamba Sirsasana

For Day 2 of #cdflessonsfromyoga I chose Supported Headstand|Salamba Sirsasana. 
Headstand was the second pose I ever attempted. I will hashtag the video(s)-yes, videos’S- so y’all can go and watch me. I hope you’re encouraged–cause it’s real life. I remember that this was the time I began to realize that it was a journey. I had to accept myself. That there was nothing weak or ugly about me or how I was wired. That, just like life, we will not ever have it all together. I can tend to be a perfectionist, and while that determination pays off, it doesn’t always mean it has beneficial outcomes or that it has the best intentions behind it. I’m really good at extending grace for others, but not for myself. I’m unbelievably hard on myself. If I don’t feel like I’m maintaining 90% awesomeness, I start to go a little downhill, which becomes a viscous cycle because no one can maintain perfection…NO ONE! Which inevitably just produces more feeling of failure. Yoga teaches me constantly that from day to day my strength levels (mentally, emotionally, and physically) are in constant change and shifts. It’s about accepting yourself in those shifting winds, day to day, moment to moment, and finding balance right THERE, where you say, “I am here. It is ok. Because I am always enough!”

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