Day 1: Crow Pose| Bakasana

Day 1 of #cdflessonsfromyoga is Crow Pose or Bakasana. Crow pose was the first “intense” pose I ever attempted in yoga. I was only about 2-3 months postpartum with my son. When I look back on why I chose to start a true practice and journey in yoga, I come to MANY answers but we will start from the beginning:

I felt like a new person after having a baby. Hell, I was! You’re never the same after bringing life into the world. I felt like superwoman. I just felt like there was nothing I couldn’t do after that and I wanted to live my life believing that. Believing I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to and not wanting to regret a thing. A legacy of sorts. I had “done” yoga for years. But that’s the thing, I just “did” it. But not regularly, and not with intention. I started to just follow along to YouTube videos while I was pregnant cause it felt so good to stretch as much as possible but I also felt so strong and at peace. Then, I worked out at home doing all forms of fitness for the first 6 months of my sons life. Just through YouTube, I began to see a whole new side to yoga that I hadn’t seen before. I craved the different kind of strength it brought me. Just like Crow Pose. It “looked” ok until I attempted it. Yoga challenges me on every level–still. But especially back when I first started, It tapped into my thought process of form, about how to maintain steady breathing, how to find peace in the pose while fire is in my belly and my arms, and how to maintain a positive attitude when I realized I underestimated it. Yoga began to challenge my body but mostly my mind, it had purpose, it was truly just for me, and it taught me lessons about life. Lessons I hope to inspire you with here in this challenge. Check back to Instagram for a videos showing strength building progressions of the pose and form tips. 



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