October Yoga Challenge 

Announcing my first ever October #giveaway and #yogachallenge hosted by: ME! This challenge will focus on a lot of the poses I first ever learned, but will mostly focus on lessons that yoga has taught me throughout my self-taught journey. 

Because yoga is all about a heart of gratitude and giving, this challenge will run from the 1st to the 22nd (my birthday), where I will be gifting ❶ Lucky Winner with $100 gift card to @athleta. 

How to be eligible:

•Follow my Instagram fitness account @caitlindermottfitness 

•Repost this calendar to your Instagram 


•Tag at least one friend to join you in the challenge

•Post your version of this pose to your IG feed (bonus add what yoga has taught you) using the hashtag: #cdflessonsfromyoga 

I will hopefully be posting a video each day of how I safely get into the pose as well as options that strengthen you for the pose in case you aren’t able to fully get into it. 

Please remember that most of all, you do not have to be any good at #yoga to do this. I will not pick a winner based on how great they are. Truly this is just meant to bring us all together, to grow, to learn, to try new things, and most of all–to have fun! 

Thank you for reposting and resharing and tagging your friends. ♡See you October 1st

One thought on “October Yoga Challenge 

  1. I love it! Will definitely be following along because I am just starting out in yoga, but I doubt I’ll be sharing pics of myself doing many poses on IG (but who knows?!) I’m looking forward to your videos! XO

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