1st Yoga Challenge and Giveaway!

I’ve been asked by so many people what yoga has taught and continues to teach me in my practice and my daily life. There is just so much that it’s impossible to write it all out at once. So, the first thing I could say, is that yoga is about loving and honoring others in the way you wish to be loved and honored. That being said, I decided that I would do my very own, first ever, yoga challenge!! And since yoga is all about giving, I decided that for my birthday month, running from October 1st-22nd (my birthday), I would give to YOU! Keep your eyes peeled for the challenge calendar and giveaway details that I will be posting here, Facebook, and my website on Monday, September 28th. In the meantime, help me get the word out to your friends by tagging them in the comments below to follow this page to stay updated on the challenge. #cdflessonsfromyoga

Instagram: @caitlindermottfitness

Website: link in bio 


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