The Pursuit of (My) Dreams: PART 1

At the beginning of this year, our pastor said that this was a year to not settle; to take the things that have been in our heart and to declare them, to pursue them without fear or hesitation. He said to even say to the person next to you, that this was your year and that you will pursue ____ by the end of 2014. I’m writing this 2 part story to explain how I’ve arrived here and where I’m going. I’m declaring it out loud, I’m not shying away, and I’m believing that I can and that I will! And I want YOU to be a part of it with me!


A little background for you:

From the time I was old enough to be active–I was. If I wasn’t freaking my mom out by riding my bike for HOURS and into dusk, I was in gymnastics, swimming, and by the age of 9, I was helping instruct group fitness classes at Jazzercise (haha remember that <—– can you say ’90s?) But, it wasn’t until around age 13, that a few  things stick out to me and changed me significantly over the course of my teenage years. They seem really small, but to a 13 year old, they were a really big deal. While we ate healthy in my home, I drank soda and did they typical “teenager” thing. But one day, I saw Coke being used to get up rust and industrial rubbery gunk of the floor of a grocery store–and it worked! That was numero uno. The next thing was one day I ate a small bag of Cheetos and I always noticed that I felt horrible and bloated and sluggish, but on this one day I ate them and got sick almost immediately. This is gross, but I threw up and when I did I knew it was Cheeto-induced only. My body was literally rejecting the crap. I remember that day, I was done with soda and I cleaned up my eating.

I babysat for a family with really bad eating habits around the same time as the incident above and I remember their daughter having to go in for tests on her stomach that had so much blockage. Her mom showed me the ultrasound of the inner linings of her stomach side by side with what a healthy 4 year old stomach should look like, and the difference was shocking! God was really cultivating and stirring this passion within me. I began realizing that “healthy” was so much more than a six pack and a lifted hiney. What about the stuff you couldn’t see? What about inner healthy that would be your biggest asset or be your biggest downfall as you inevitably get older?

Next, and probably the  BIGGEST kicker, was that around 16 years old, I was eating moderately well and continuing to work out consistently (and really intense), but my problem was, I was not eating as much as I should and/or enough protein for the output of physical activity, AND was not eating frequently enough to keep metabolism fueled and prevent blood sugar spikes and drops. It was the typical barely eat during the day and binge on dinner method. I also really had an addiction to sugar without realizing it. Yeah, I cut out soda, but I would drink sweet tea like crazy and Starbucks twice a day. When I would get tea, I would add 3 Sweet N’ Low packets in one drink, and I would sometimes have 4-5 glasses in one sitting!!!! Do the math. When it came to Starbucks, I would order “Skinny” lattes- which contain Sugar-Free sweetener (AKA: Aspartame). I was so active and didn’t eat that bad and have never had a weight problem (surprisingly) so I must be healthy right? I started having migraines that occurred once a month, then would come every two weeks, then eventually weekly. They would start in my eye, I would lose vision in that eye, and then be taken out the whole day; either sleeping on my toilet (they made me throw up), or under my covers as dark as possible. I would feel the aftermath of these migraines for two days afterward. They would inhibit my mental capacity and I couldn’t drive, work, or anything. I had a sonogram on my thyroid and it was in perfect condition. The next step was to have a cat scan to check for a brain tumor. I was scared at the thought of it, but within me, I knew that I didn’t have a tumor. I said no to the cat scan and began seeing a health and wellness doctor that operates in chiropractic care and overall wellness of the body. After some tests, and basically some lifestyle questions, he told me that at the level I was excercising, I was not fueling my body sufficiently (essentially starving it). On top of that, drinking those kinds of sweeteners (chemicals), he said that my liver was shutting down; that if I didn’t make some significant changes, I was sending my self down a road of developing diabetes. OMG!! In this very same week, I was writing a research speech for one of my college classes. I was drawn to the research of artificial sweeteners and when I began my own research, I read multiple case studies that were just like what I was experiencing with migraines, and some that were MUCH worse. I was done cold turkey! I told my doctor I had stopped it that week, and I changed my life. I began MAKING THE TIME and planning ahead. Eating substantial breakfasts, preparing snacks, and cutting out chemicals for good! I took many herbal suppplements to get my liver back on track and best of all–NO MORE MIGRAINES!

{Moral of the story? Do not ask me about Diet Coke, Splenda, high fructose corn syrup, prescription drugs, etc., etc.} Ok, not the full moral, but I am so vehement about the destruction they cause the body and why it is deemed “Okay” to even have these chemicals in so much of our food and on store shelves. It’s poison. I lived it first hand, and I consider myself blessed compared to what I have seen it do to others.

From all of these experiences in my life, they are a part of my story that has only fueled the passion God put inside me at such a young age. Over the years watching it evolve into a passion for mind, body, spirit health is so wondrous, miraculous, and a fire that burns in me! We are Mind, Body, and Spirit beings, and my passion is for health in all areas. I fully believe that they all operate together. You can’t have one without the other. You can try, but you will be unbalanced and lacking somewhere; not reaping the fullness of true health and wellness.

So that is Part 1 of my story about the pursuit of my dreams…

Part 2 is where I am going. Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “The Pursuit of (My) Dreams: PART 1

  1. Awesome blog! Can’t WAIT to see all that lies in store for you as you pursue your dreams and passionately go after all that the Lord has put in you! I respect the wonderful knowledge & wisdom, common sense and research abilities the Lord has placed within you for not only your personal benefit, but the benefit of so many others. Love you and can’t wait to see all the blessings of His goodness and perfect timing unfold for you in this next prosperous season of your life! ❤

    xoxoxox Mama

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