Health and Fitness Apps: My favorite top 5, well…6

Good morning! I thought I would share some of my favorite Health and Fitness apps with you today.

Tone It Up and PopSugar are great apps for workouts on the go! Little to no equipment required.
RunKeeper and Endomondo are awesome running apps I like to use. I like both of them for different reasons. Run Keeper updates you every 5 min on your Time or on your mileage. Or both. Endomondo is great if you don’t want to know about your time but you want to set a mileage goal. If you want to run 3 miles you put it in and when you reach it it lets you know. I find it helps me to let go of how long I’ve been running and motivates me to push through until I hear her tell me I’ve reached my mileage goal. They both have clean, easy to use UI’s.
Waterlogged is a great app for tracking your water intake. What I like about it is that you set reminders and it reminds you. It always seemed silly to me that if you were having a hard time remembering to drink enough water, how were you supposed to remember to go into an app and log it? But with reminders in place, it alerts you so not only do you remember to drink up but also to log it in!:)
Argus is a “do everything” app. It can track your meals, it has a built in pedometer, your sleep, your water, your workouts, your vitals. It’s pretty cool and definitely for that wanna go all out with their tracking.
And P Tracker Lite. This helps me track my periods, helps me know when I’m ovulating, let’s me see what I am averaging in a cycle, and does much more like:
-track weight
-physical changes during cycle
-notifies you when fertile or when your period is nearing the corner.

Comment below or on Facebook or Instagram with YOUR favorite apps of any category!:)

Have a happy, healthy day!


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