The Pursuit of (My) Dreams: PART 2

Hello again! So this is part two of where I am going currently. If you haven’t read Part 1 you can do so by clicking here. I encourage you to read it if you haven’t because it gives a little background that might help all this gel a little better.

If you know me or follow me or have read ANY of “My Story” or the section on the right side column of this page on my page, you already know that at the core of who I am it is family. My biggest dreams in life were to be a wife and a mother; always will be. Any other dreams that I have I wouldn’t say are “secondary” because they are just as much a part of me as being a wife and mother. They are still huge passions and ones that I know God has gifted me with and put in me to accomplish; but for me, my family is first and will always be my biggest passion, my bliss, and my first priority. Their dreams are just a as important to me as my own.

With that being said, the next biggest passion in my heart is health, fitness, and overall wholeness. In the about section on my page, I touch a little on my belief of being healthy and whole in every area. We are mind, body, spirit, so it’s important to be balanced in all areas to experience the fullness of a healthy, happy, and whole life. For me, working out is a quiet time. It’s so fun for me. I realize this is not true for everyone, but for me it just flows out of me. It’s not only a happy place for me, but it’s also a lifestyle. It’s as much a part of me as my own name. I knew that it would be what I did in life. I didn’t know what it all would look like, but I knew that being an ambassador for health and wholeness was a big part of my destiny and I want people to learn to really accept and love themselves in every stage of their “process”. I also hope that my passion for fitness and how fun it is for me spills over and creates that fun, enjoyable, light, and free atmosphere for others. It should be an outward expression of the love you feel for yourself on the inside, not another legalistic task to cross off your list so you can hopefully be brave enough to wear that swimsuit. Changing mindsets. Releasing freedom. Loving. Giving hope. These are a few of my favorite things.;)

When I was 16, I had done research and found an organization that just clicked for me. It is one of the top personal training certifications. It’s the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). However, at 16, I was young and afraid, and thought that I really “needed” to go to college. I have nothing against college, but I do have a problem with society making it seem like you can’t and won’t thrive without a college education/degree. So, I decided that until I did that, then I couldn’t do much else yet. I was approached multiple times by instructors at my gym to get certified to teach a class. This, I thought, I could totally do while going to college: have an extra certification once I pursued personal training in the future, and make a little extra money in the present. So, at 18 years old, I got my certification in TurboKick through Powder Blue Productions. I started training to teach at my local gym. However, now I was taking my basics, but had no idea what I wanted to major in. On top of taking college courses, I was also leading worship for my youth group, and working part time. THEN–I got engaged. A dream was coming true…I was going to be a wife. Now with planning a wedding in the works, something had to take a backseat. It was just too much. Since I was only in the beginning phase of teaching at the gym, I knew that I needed to step back from that also knowing I could return later.

When my husband and I got married, he was midway through his college career as a History Major. Working full-time and going to school full-time. Still really not interested or even knowing what it was I wanted to do for my college career, I decided to just work instead of waste money on a major I might end up changing later. I was only 19 when I got married so I wasn’t concerned about time. I knew I had enough time to just figure it out and I also know that I am a self starter. When I found what I loved to do or wanted to pursue, I knew I would do it without hesitation even if that meant going back to college at a later time. But, I was also okay if college was something that never fit the bill for me either. There were times when it felt like it could be “my time” to pursue my dreams, but I was young, perfectionism had a heavy hold on my life, and so inevitably fear would come and make me feel like I wasn’t fully equipped or that I wouldn’t want to do something and fail, or that it needed to be the perfect thing before I took a risk and pursued it. CRAP. Total crap.

To save you years of details, I will make this as concise as possible…

The Lord really set me free from that hold perfectionism had on me and started showing me that if you fail, it at least means you tried. He showed me that not everything has to be rationally sound for me to take the first step. A lot of the way we grow and learn is through trying, taking risk, being okay to mess up, get up and move forward better equipped.

With new tools in hand and a courageous heart, I was going to pursue my dreams and see where it took me. If I failed, I failed, but I knew God always had me and had a plan to get me where I needed to go. Then…I found out I was pregnant. The next big dream of my heart was coming true–being a mother.

See I could have looked at all this as set backs, but they were ALL dreams of my heart and I had to trust the Lord’s timing. Was it disheartening at times? Yes. I really wanted this specific dream to come true at some point, but all of these things that the world could look at as setbacks were a testing ground and ultimately revealed God’s goodness and faithfulness. At this point, my husband found his calling which was to be a teacher and so getting his teacher certification was the next step. This requires a lot of money, but he would finally have his career and to see my husband’s dreams come true is and will always be a desire of my heart. Practically, we needed a good, sound career with a child now, so we pursued that. I knew that once he was settled into teaching, and our son got a little older, that I would be able to pursue my other dreams outside of wife and mom. If there is anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s that I can plan and dream, and have goals and vision, and that God loves that planning part of me–He put it in me after all. I’ve learned that He loves my dreams, too–He put those in me as well. But, most importantly, I’ve had to learn to leave room for the things HE has planned for me, the dreams in His heart for me, that are inevitably going to be my dreams too, I just may not know them yet; and, ultimately, to sometimes (most of the time), have my “perfect” plans messed up at the wonderful sake of truly getting HIS best for me. This, my friends, was a journey I resisted for awhile, would create high expectations without the willingness to budge-even for God even though I knew His ways were best- and ultimately, disappointment when things wouldn’t go my way. In the end, I would always come around because the end result was always better than my initial plan. But God didn’t want me to live a life so resistant and rigid. He wanted the direct relationship between us to flow in a beautiful dance of all the ways He created me to be a planner, and a driven personality who carefully marks all the options, weighs them, and crafts a great plan of action, but who also is easily willing to toss all that aside to walk with freedom, blind faith, and courageous hope when He says He has a better way. This changed my life forever when this revelation took root and I’ve never been the same.

Today, 1 year after having my son, being passionate about health and fitness since the age of 13, knowing I wanted to become a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), and many more dreams relating to that, I can say that God has finally opened the doors for me to pursue getting my Personal Training Certification through NASM. I’m still in a little bit of shock. It’s surreal. He’s so far not left one dream untouched. I’m a wife, a mother, and now I will be a trainer. I’m doing it…before the end of this year…I declared it…I worried it wouldn’t happen…but, I trusted anyway…and he kept His word like he always does! All the other dreams I have in my heart that haven’t come to pass yet don’t worry me. He is faithful and He wants so much for me. I have no doubt that together all my dreams will come true. But, it’s not just about GETTING the dream. I’ve realized the best part is the journey with Him in all of it and discovering deeper parts of His heart for me and, in turn, deeper parts of my own heart and the dreams there that He has yet to show me. The journey is the best part guys. It’s worth whatever wait you may be in. His timing is perfect and He is a good God!

I’m so happy to share this with all of you! I’m ready to start my career in loving people and changing lives inside and out. I’m ready to grow and learn through it all.

Upcoming changes will be as follows:

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Everything is a process, but I will also be changing my YouTube name to Caitlin Dermott Fitness.

I think it’s important to brand myself and I want to be reachable to everyone. This will be a huge way of marketing myself and my business to clients. If you aren’t following me yet, I would love for you to do so. Also, please share my page, invite your friends to like and follow me as well!

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and following my journey!

Much love friends,





The Pursuit of (My) Dreams: PART 1

At the beginning of this year, our pastor said that this was a year to not settle; to take the things that have been in our heart and to declare them, to pursue them without fear or hesitation. He said to even say to the person next to you, that this was your year and that you will pursue ____ by the end of 2014. I’m writing this 2 part story to explain how I’ve arrived here and where I’m going. I’m declaring it out loud, I’m not shying away, and I’m believing that I can and that I will! And I want YOU to be a part of it with me!


A little background for you:

From the time I was old enough to be active–I was. If I wasn’t freaking my mom out by riding my bike for HOURS and into dusk, I was in gymnastics, swimming, and by the age of 9, I was helping instruct group fitness classes at Jazzercise (haha remember that <—– can you say ’90s?) But, it wasn’t until around age 13, that a few  things stick out to me and changed me significantly over the course of my teenage years. They seem really small, but to a 13 year old, they were a really big deal. While we ate healthy in my home, I drank soda and did they typical “teenager” thing. But one day, I saw Coke being used to get up rust and industrial rubbery gunk of the floor of a grocery store–and it worked! That was numero uno. The next thing was one day I ate a small bag of Cheetos and I always noticed that I felt horrible and bloated and sluggish, but on this one day I ate them and got sick almost immediately. This is gross, but I threw up and when I did I knew it was Cheeto-induced only. My body was literally rejecting the crap. I remember that day, I was done with soda and I cleaned up my eating.

I babysat for a family with really bad eating habits around the same time as the incident above and I remember their daughter having to go in for tests on her stomach that had so much blockage. Her mom showed me the ultrasound of the inner linings of her stomach side by side with what a healthy 4 year old stomach should look like, and the difference was shocking! God was really cultivating and stirring this passion within me. I began realizing that “healthy” was so much more than a six pack and a lifted hiney. What about the stuff you couldn’t see? What about inner healthy that would be your biggest asset or be your biggest downfall as you inevitably get older?

Next, and probably the  BIGGEST kicker, was that around 16 years old, I was eating moderately well and continuing to work out consistently (and really intense), but my problem was, I was not eating as much as I should and/or enough protein for the output of physical activity, AND was not eating frequently enough to keep metabolism fueled and prevent blood sugar spikes and drops. It was the typical barely eat during the day and binge on dinner method. I also really had an addiction to sugar without realizing it. Yeah, I cut out soda, but I would drink sweet tea like crazy and Starbucks twice a day. When I would get tea, I would add 3 Sweet N’ Low packets in one drink, and I would sometimes have 4-5 glasses in one sitting!!!! Do the math. When it came to Starbucks, I would order “Skinny” lattes- which contain Sugar-Free sweetener (AKA: Aspartame). I was so active and didn’t eat that bad and have never had a weight problem (surprisingly) so I must be healthy right? I started having migraines that occurred once a month, then would come every two weeks, then eventually weekly. They would start in my eye, I would lose vision in that eye, and then be taken out the whole day; either sleeping on my toilet (they made me throw up), or under my covers as dark as possible. I would feel the aftermath of these migraines for two days afterward. They would inhibit my mental capacity and I couldn’t drive, work, or anything. I had a sonogram on my thyroid and it was in perfect condition. The next step was to have a cat scan to check for a brain tumor. I was scared at the thought of it, but within me, I knew that I didn’t have a tumor. I said no to the cat scan and began seeing a health and wellness doctor that operates in chiropractic care and overall wellness of the body. After some tests, and basically some lifestyle questions, he told me that at the level I was excercising, I was not fueling my body sufficiently (essentially starving it). On top of that, drinking those kinds of sweeteners (chemicals), he said that my liver was shutting down; that if I didn’t make some significant changes, I was sending my self down a road of developing diabetes. OMG!! In this very same week, I was writing a research speech for one of my college classes. I was drawn to the research of artificial sweeteners and when I began my own research, I read multiple case studies that were just like what I was experiencing with migraines, and some that were MUCH worse. I was done cold turkey! I told my doctor I had stopped it that week, and I changed my life. I began MAKING THE TIME and planning ahead. Eating substantial breakfasts, preparing snacks, and cutting out chemicals for good! I took many herbal suppplements to get my liver back on track and best of all–NO MORE MIGRAINES!

{Moral of the story? Do not ask me about Diet Coke, Splenda, high fructose corn syrup, prescription drugs, etc., etc.} Ok, not the full moral, but I am so vehement about the destruction they cause the body and why it is deemed “Okay” to even have these chemicals in so much of our food and on store shelves. It’s poison. I lived it first hand, and I consider myself blessed compared to what I have seen it do to others.

From all of these experiences in my life, they are a part of my story that has only fueled the passion God put inside me at such a young age. Over the years watching it evolve into a passion for mind, body, spirit health is so wondrous, miraculous, and a fire that burns in me! We are Mind, Body, and Spirit beings, and my passion is for health in all areas. I fully believe that they all operate together. You can’t have one without the other. You can try, but you will be unbalanced and lacking somewhere; not reaping the fullness of true health and wellness.

So that is Part 1 of my story about the pursuit of my dreams…

Part 2 is where I am going. Stay tuned…

Health and Fitness Apps: My favorite top 5, well…6

Good morning! I thought I would share some of my favorite Health and Fitness apps with you today.

Tone It Up and PopSugar are great apps for workouts on the go! Little to no equipment required.
RunKeeper and Endomondo are awesome running apps I like to use. I like both of them for different reasons. Run Keeper updates you every 5 min on your Time or on your mileage. Or both. Endomondo is great if you don’t want to know about your time but you want to set a mileage goal. If you want to run 3 miles you put it in and when you reach it it lets you know. I find it helps me to let go of how long I’ve been running and motivates me to push through until I hear her tell me I’ve reached my mileage goal. They both have clean, easy to use UI’s.
Waterlogged is a great app for tracking your water intake. What I like about it is that you set reminders and it reminds you. It always seemed silly to me that if you were having a hard time remembering to drink enough water, how were you supposed to remember to go into an app and log it? But with reminders in place, it alerts you so not only do you remember to drink up but also to log it in!:)
Argus is a “do everything” app. It can track your meals, it has a built in pedometer, your sleep, your water, your workouts, your vitals. It’s pretty cool and definitely for that wanna go all out with their tracking.
And P Tracker Lite. This helps me track my periods, helps me know when I’m ovulating, let’s me see what I am averaging in a cycle, and does much more like:
-track weight
-physical changes during cycle
-notifies you when fertile or when your period is nearing the corner.

Comment below or on Facebook or Instagram with YOUR favorite apps of any category!:)

Have a happy, healthy day!


I’m Mom-to a 1 year old!

It is so hard to believe that I’ve been a mom now for 1 whole year! Our baby boy (who’s more big boy than baby now) turned one this past week, the 2nd of November. “Where does time go?”, was a term that I used to think people overused when they didn’t know how to make real conversation. But now, I realize that it really is overused because, for the love of Father Time, IT’S TRUE! Where does time go? One minute I was peeing on a stick, and then the next I’m trying to keep my 1 year old out of electrical outlets, and the bookcase, and the computer chords, and all my office stuff– “Drop the stapler, Harrison!” It’s almost scary how fast time flies…

But, I can say this, this year has been so fun, so grand, so amazing! It has taught me more about life, love, God, and MYSELF than I ever thought was possible. It’s showed me that when you think you’re heart is so full it will explode, it can actually grow to house MORE love. It’s also showed me that when you think, “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I just want to sit down for five minutes, why is he whining, do I really want to do this again, etc…” That one giggle, one smile, one sweet pat, and kiss, can make you melt into the biggest pile of mommy mush and instantaneously you don’t how tired you are, or how much you need a shower, or how 2 minutes ago you considered running away, no. All you know and feel is crazy, radical, ridiculous love, and your heart just grew a little bit bigger.

It showed me that I would really lay down my life for my children. That there is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for them. That if you cross them wrong, you will most likely see a side of me even I’ve never seen. That you will give up on a “rule” you “should” follow from that baby book, or do that “thing” that could possibly create a “bad habit” down the line for the sake of finding balance and learning that while some of those are great guides and everyone has to find what works for them and their family, every baby is different and you must learn said baby in order to find your middle ground between all that black and white.

Motherhood after 1 year showed me some things I will do differently with the next baby and some things that I won’t. And speaking of babies, it showed me that even though I thought I wouldn’t want to share my love with more children for quite some time, that I actually can’t wait to give more love to more little Dermott humans-like soon. My husband is telling me to get control of my ovaries for a little while longer, but I’m just being real…when can I do this again?!?!

It showed me about true selflessness and that it’s actually a joy to serve someone other than myself. That to give of myself humbly to raise a generation of beautiful souls that love the Lord fiercely, and love others with that same passion, is one of (and will always be) the biggest, best, dream of my heart.

It is continuing to show me about patience………
Wow! This one. To not just react but to really think through how my action and my response back to something might affect him and which way would I want it to affect him. Do I want it to be more positive or more negative? Do I want him to walk away feeling respected, honored, and loved? Or do I want him to feel wounded, hurt, and alone? Patience in realizing that they are learning things that come second nature to me, but that I was once at that stage. Patience to just let him make a mess because he is learning–as long as it’s not plugged in, sharp, or glass…why not?
Patience to be patient when he isn’t patient with me…got to practice what I preach. 🙂
And a big one that was huge for me: Remember that he is a little human. I know that may sound totally weird, but I think often times we treat them as little machines-get them on this schedule and that, don’t do this, don’t do that, they need this and they need that or….blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe God gave children parents to help guide them and lead them and train them up; and I did implement consistency and routine and guidance. Always will. But, what I’m saying here is that when I would remember that he was just a miniature version of myself (that being a human being), it caused me to really step back and look at things from a different perspective. It helped me find balance. For one example, instead of just going, “Oh my gosh, he’s just screaming!”, it helped me take account that we had been in a very noisy, busy restaurant for awhile and he’d been up awhile, so how would I feel? How do I feel sometimes after a long day full of tons of activities, noise and people? Tired! That’s how! So it helped me try to understand him as a true person and really helped me relate to him.

It showed me that God sure knew what he was doing giving me a little boy named Harrison Thomas. He is my little buddy! He’s my laid back, joyFULL, big blue eyed, independent-yet snuggly, busy, full of personality, full of Grace, lover of books, and music, and worship, and blueberries, and sweet potatoes, rough sometimes, but gentle spirited little big boy, who’s cheeks are enough to make me go crazy they are so squishy; along with the most adorable birth mark on his left pinky finger. Seriously, how can someone be so cute?
He is our total textbook baby…he has hit every milestone right on the dot. He isn’t walking yet, but any day now.

Being a mom has opened up so many new realms of possibilities, and truth, and light that it could be a 4 part blog series. But, I would venture to say that any mom reading this doesn’t need me to write it out because–they already know.

Harrison did so much fun stuff in his first year of life-aside from the milestones-like:

-Had major lip tie fixed via laser surgery at 2 weeks old. (ok that’s not technically fun but it was over in a flash, healed quick, and everyone was better off for it)

-Had a lot of pool days over the summer

-Went on a roadtrip to Florida and played on a beach and in the ocean

-Got to meet his GREAT Grammy and Papa

-Got to see his daddy coach his first football game and win

-Had a whole “guys” weekend with dad while mommy went away.

-Got to turn forward facing in his big boy seat (that’s a really big deal!)

Here are a few pictures of our munchkin from his 1 year photo shoot. Shout out to my sister for being…AMAZING!


Also here is a video slideshow I put together for his first birthday showing him from birth to now!