Embrace yourself!

Don’t be afraid of

People shy away from these two things because they think it draws too much attention to their “flaws”. But guess what? The busy-ness of a pattern and the pop of color can actually hide and draw attention away from them if done right. While black is slimming, it’s boring to live without color. Let me tell you, I am a classic “neutrals” girl. I would wear black, white, cream, and brown all day every day, but thanks to my husband, I’ve gotten out of the box and realized how fun it is to live life out loud. I was always afraid patterns and colors would draw too much attention to my full butt and thighs, but now I love it cause my perspective over time changed from needing to be “skinny” to just wanting to be strong, healthy, and fit. Now I look at my legs and butt and say, “yeah you get muscular!”👊 Find a fit that flatters and puts just the right amount of oomph to all the right areas and HAVE FUN with the way you look: tall, short, skinny, athletic, full figured, lean! We are all beautiful!
In other news: my husband told me last night, “your butt is getting bigger.” All my girls who weight train know this is definitely a compliment! #thankyousquats #itsabouttime #breastfeeding #thestruggleisreal 🙌💃

This outfit I am wearing is from favorite workout line currently:

Fabletics by Kate Hudson
Check them out here!

*I am not sponsored by them I just love their clothes and love to share them with you.

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Love to you,
Stay At Fit Mom

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