How To Avoid Fast Food & Travel Healthy

2014-07-24 14.59.34No matter what anyone says or anyone’s excuses on the matter–

It IS possible to avoid fast food and eat healthy while you are on the road. I am writing a brief, simple, plan that I’m using for our family (and that includes healthy baby food) for our upcoming trip tomorrow. Since I’m technically still eating breakfast and trying to finish my coffee, that’s my excuse for not beginning all the craziness of cleaning and packing that I have left to do.

Without further ado, let’s begin!



You want to hit your top forms of nutrition to stay balanced. This is not complicated-protein, grains/nuts, fruits and veggies. You can do this in a variety of ways. This is first in your process of planning.

So as you can see in the picture below, this is what I’ve done. (I will break down each item and why-keep reading)2014-07-24 14.48.53


Go somewhere like Costco or Sam’s Club to get stuff for your trip. In the end, it is way cheaper than buying multiples of stuff at your regular grocer. This stuff comes in bulk and can actually save you some money. I prefer Costco only because most everything is an Organic selection for a great price and I can find stuff there I might not get everywhere. While you may be able to find healthy options at Sam’s, and possibly some organic, it’s not going to be as vast as Costco. Now, because it’s bulk food, You may have leftover, but that means you already have some healthy food to come home to if you choose not to take it all. For me, I’m only meal prepping for the drive down and back. Otherwise our whole family we are staying with will be making store runs and cooking at our beach house.



Think snacks, yes. But also think light lunch. I used to make the mistake of only packing healthy snacks and when it came time for lunch it wasn’t sufficient and I had to try and find a Chickfila, since that’s about as healthy fast food as you’re gonna get. (This is when most people might fall prey to the fake food of Mickey D’s. Blegh) I personally do not like big lunches anyway, and my lunch is pretty snack-y in relation to most people’s probably, but it’s still more than some nuts and fruit. So, get stuff to snack on yes, but think of stuff you can take that’s simple, does not require utensils, or having to put it all together. Below I will detail out how I do this.


TIP NUMERO QUATRO (why are these in Spanish?)

Know why you are doing this? You have to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing in order to have the will power, and the resolve to see it through. I’ll tell you why I do it:

1) Because I refuse to put junk in my body for the sake of convenience. Plain and simple.

2) Because fast food, aside from all the crap it contains, will cause gas, bloating, stomach ache, etc. Especially if you eat very clean on a regular basis.

3) Because it is better to “cheat” or enjoy vacation food that’s real. For instance, just because I’m a clean eater does not mean I won’t enjoy myself when are on vaca. If we want a dessert, or we go out for a big dinner instead of cooking in one night, and so on…

But here’s the difference, I enjoy feeding my body GOOD things. And I actually enjoy the GOOD things. So for me, it makes no sense to pop into Wendy’s for a cheeseburger on the road at the sake of saying, “Oh, it’s vacation, enjoy yourself.” Well, I don’t enjoy that food. It doesn’t make me feel good and it’s not good FOR me. And I would rather have a cheat meal from a restaurant or from a home cooked meal that was more naturally prepared, than that of a fast food chain containing an endless amount of horrid substances. And by maintaining cleaner eating where I have control over it and it’s the majority, it allows for those “cheats” to be more productive. My body will handle them fine because it knows that 80-90% of the time it’s not being fed that stuff.




The key is balance. Do what you can where you can, and enjoy the rest. In the case of travel, you CAN control it if you want to.


Below I have broken down each segment and do a brief explanation of what it all is and hopefully maybe give you some travel pret ideas.


2014-07-24 14.35.49



-These ancient grain crackers have quinoa, bulgar, brown rice, millet, amaranth, and tiff. You get whole grains and seeds in one. This will be a great tool for a snacky lunch.

-Nut crunch variety pack. These are an individul packets. You will get a good belly fat fighting, appetite sustaining snack that is a good “in between” meal. These are in a cluster with dried fruit which, although high in sugar if you eat too much, actually serves as a good carbohydrate and energy sustainer along with the nuts.

-Fig bars. Holy Cow! These are so yummy and they are not the crappy Fig Newtons. These are organic, made with quality ingredients and a very pleasant snack. This box has 24 bars (each pack has two bars in them) for $8! Seriously? Good deal.



2014-07-24 14.41.24

-24 hardboiled, already peeled eggs for $4! This is great since we are leaving at 3;30 am, by the time breakfast rolls around I will have a breakfast option. I will probably have two of these with the next item

-Single container greek yogurt cups. Great protein and probitotics which is great for when you’re travelling cause some people tend to get constipated on the road. This will help everything stay cleansed and balanced.

-Any kind of lunch meat you prefer, tuna packets to open and eat for lunch, salami (that’s not THE healthiest, but it’s one of those yummy meats you can put on the crackers with cheese and have a tasty lunch. If you don’t like your tuna dry like I do, than think about bringing just a couple little tupperware containers you could put it in and mix with something. ( You will need a fork for this so plan ahead, or get plastic utensils when you stop for gas, so that you can just toss it when you’re done.)

Fruits & Veggies

2014-07-24 14.38.27

Honestly, most of you’re prepping will be here.

-I usually slice my apples and just put them in a big baggy. (You can by peanut butter packets to dip them in for a great protein snack, too)

-Either cut and mix all your fruit in one container or put your fruit in different containers if you don’t like it mixed.

-100 calorie avocado only guacamole cups. This is so awesome. Dip crackers, pretzels, etc in these for a healthy snack or add it to your tuna bowl as a way to not eat it dry–my fav!

-V8 Fusion cans. We have a case of water bottles in the car already, but this is a way to get fruits and vegetables into your body and have a little flavor and energy. We are so addicted to caffeine in coffee and soda and the crap and sugar in energy drinks that we don’t even realize the energy boosting affects that fruits and vegetables have on our body.

-Last, organic fruit and veggie squeeze pouches. This is what my son will eat on the road along with some lunch meat and other things. The cool thing? It’s NOT “baby” food. So we can eat one too if we want. I have never fed my kid the typical baby food that has so many preservatives and fillers in it. If it’s God made, real food, he can eat it. While they do have Organic and healthy baby food pouches in the baby isle–this is the same since it’s just real pureed fruits and veggies. So, I could eat the healthy organic baby food too if I wanted. That’s what real food should be. He’s a human just like me, so he should be able to eat what I eat within reason due to age, etc. At Costco they don’t sell bulk baby food pouches so I got these. These will be great to throw in the cooler and snack on at the beach for a refresher too.

Oh guess what-I even got more things that we needed for staple groceries leading up to the trip that are not pictured here, and my total was $119. That’s it, and I will have stuff to come home to afterwards. Much cheaper than going and buying everything al a carte.


And that’s it! Simple, easy, healthy, and all it takes is a little planning. Yeah it’s “easy” to just pop in to a drive through. But honestly, that’s a waste of time for me and a horrible money/health investment. Plus, I can stay on the road, get there quicker, and be healthy in the process.

Just a few of my travelling tips to change the way we approach vacation travel and eating.

I hope this was helpful. Comment below and let me know your thoughts or other tips YOU have for travelling healthy. I love to have new suggestions.


Happy and Healthy Travels!


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2 thoughts on “How To Avoid Fast Food & Travel Healthy

  1. That was awesome. Great tips. You gave me some new ideas. Steve and I do a lot of this on our trips but some of our choices are not always as good as these. So I am excited about the fresh choices. Thanks.

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