It’s Not About the Number

Let’s talk about the scale…



I do not weigh myself often. In most cases, I feel that it is counterproductive. More often than not, I believe it causes woman to obsess more over a number than overall health. Today it seems that society has made us think that we should all fit in one generalized (often low) number and that should be the “perfect” or ” ideal” weight. This is a dangerous, unhealthy, and very unrealistic system. Body fat percentage and weight are two VERY different things. You need a certain fat percentage WITHIN your weight to remain balance and healthy. Everyone’s ideal range differs depending on so many factors: height, bone mass, etc. This is something that can’t simply be determined by stepping on a scale.

Let me share with you a better picture:

Before my son, I maintained 138-140lbs. After him, I went almost 10lbs below that. Even though I was still in a healthy weight range, my body fat percentage was slightly above where it should be due to losing some muscle tone from pregnancy. In other words, the weight to body fat percentage ratio was just a little too close together. So, when I started weight training again and toning up more, I actually GAINED 3lbs in muscle but LOST body fat percentage. Cool huh? Make sense? Keep in mind that some may gain way more in just pure muscle and that is great! I weight trained until the very end of my pregnancy so I was able to hold on to a lot of muscle tone which is why I only gained back about 3lbs, because no matter how much weight training you do, there is still a percentage of muscle you will inevitably lose in pregnancy; and that’s actually needed and healthy. However, some people have more muscle to put on than others so don’t feel like if you gain 8lbs in muscle that it’s too much. The more muscle you have on your body the better. I am not saying you need to be a female body builder, I’m simply saying that muscle is so healthy. It burns fat for you even when your resting, it protects your joints, your spine, and it looks pretty. 🙂

The “ideal” weight for my height is 140lbs. However, because all of our bodies are different and unique, it’s better to go by “ideal weight range”. My ideal weight range for my height is anywhere between 126-154lbs. I am 131lbs. right now and actually, I am looking to put on more muscle and that means I could probably go up to about 135. And I am definitely ok with that. I have always felt my best between this current weight and 138.

If a 6ft tall female tried to fit into my weight, 1)it might be difficult due purely to bone mass, and 2) I would venture to say she might be underweight. If a 5ft tall female was my weight, she might be on the top of the range if not a little over. So see? As I said before, we can’t generalize one weight for everyone. It’s not healthy, it’s unrealistic, and often times it leaves woman feeling unworthy, discouraged, depressed, and they become/remain stuck. What if we celebrated GAINING the right way? Muscle of course…

When you gain healthy and accurate weight for YOU because of build, height, etc., than weight is not your enemy. If you have fat% to lose–lose that–and if you GAIN in muscle, then celebrate that because you are looking good and healthy! Our perspective shouldn’t be “small, skinny, tiny, little…..” it should be “healthy, fit, toned, sleek, curvy…”. Those sound better don’t they?

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2 thoughts on “It’s Not About the Number

  1. I hope u get this katlin I enjoyed your its not about the scales and beauty bag blog. What moistureser do you use? And where do you and Shelby shop for groceries?

    • Thank you so much Melodie! I use a moisturizer by Boots Botanics. I get it at Target. It’s plant based and organic for only $8! Win! They also make the No.7 products too which I’ve used and are very good and inexpensive.
      I shop at Trader Joe’s and WinCo here in Fort Worth. Shelbye, I know, is a HUGE fan of Aldi as well as WinCo. 🙂

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