Thirty-three and Twenty

It’s a cloudy morning and I’m just sitting here doing a little work before I head off to the gym. I thought I’d pop in quick and just give you a little bumpdate! I annoy the heck out of all my facebook followers with my super-sized love for my baby boy, so it’s about time I annoy my blog followers, too. 😛


I have a belly!
I have a belly!

how far along? 33 weeks 3 days

total weight gain: Officially hit 20 lbs. this week. I’ve never been more happy to put on weight in my life! Not once have I looked at weight gain as a bad thing during this pregnancy or felt self conscious that I won’t get back into shape; instead I’m overwhelmed with joy that I’m a tool used to keep my precious little one healthy. And healthy means me gaining healthy weight, which I have. Thank you Jesus for that!

how do you feel? I feel sexy pregnant. I think it’s such a beautiful thing. However, I’m starting to hit that “uncomfortable” stage. I don’t feel like I have any more skin to stretch, I feel like I have to pee every two min, and my feet get sore. My mother-in-law told me that just like in our spiritual seasons of life when we get comfortable and God is ready to take us to the new thing, we hit transtion point. The “in between”. Where we start to get uncomfortable enough in the place we are so we can embrace the new thing He has for us. She said, “I believe that’s why almost overnight we get uncomfortable being pregnant. Otherwise, we could stay pregnant forever because it’s so amazing.” I couldn’t agree more!

maternity clothes? One pair of white shorts. And that’s cause I needed some white cutoffs desperately. I love my cutoffs.

stretch marks? Nope! Again, praise the Lord, cocoa butter, and genetics.

sleep: Thanks to my snoogle, better than I would be getting. I just find myself going over lists in my mind of things to get done in this last month and half and before you know it, it’s 1 a.m. and I have yet to drift off.

miss anything? Hmmm…I’m starting to hit the stage where running is becoming less and less of a reality because of my loosening pelvis. Not to mention he sits straight on my bladder. I just wanna run 5 miles…soon enough…soon enough.

movement: Oh boy! Does he ever! He will be a perfect mix of mommy and daddy’s favorite sports. He’s got his dad’s soccer feet, but now he swims around all the time in the most beautiful of motions. Graceful, gentle,  and yet strong. That’s a good man right there! Just like his daddy!

food cravings: Not really… My biggest craving this pregnancy has just been for something fizzy to drink. I love Apple Cider Vinegar, Izze’s, Zevia (natural sodas), and the occasional Cherry Limade from Sonic.

anything making you queasy or sick? In this third trimester, I find I can only eat very frequent, small meals or I start to not feel good. Too much room taken up already by this boy. Too much meat…ick. I eat pretty vegetarian with meat in about one meal.

symptoms: The Braxton Hicks have started (whoa!)

belly button in or out? top half out. If I lay flat, so does the button.

wedding rings on or off? On. Praise Jesus, I’ve not had any swelling in my hands or my ankles.

mood: I’m an emotional person as it is. This third trimester…I cry ALL THE TIME! I’m happy, don’t get me wrong, but a cute kitten vine…here come the waterworks.

looking forward to: Our next set of Maternity photos because my belly is finally big. Our baby shower. Finishing his nursery.

So, as I was typing this, the Lord said to go to Jeremiah 33:3. I did, and this is what it says in the Message version:

“Call to me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.”

The last few days I’ve been in a little emotional turmoil where my soul has raged a little and I’ve had a hard time coming back to a place of peace…wow! Did I need to hear this! Funny, that it’s Jeremiah 33:3 and I’m 33 weeks and 3 days. God. Is. So. Cool! And, He really cares!


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