29 weeks, Maternity pics, AND married to Adam Levine!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks for the Dermott’s! We have been preparing Baby Boy’s nursery little by little and I have to say that, besides recovering the rocking chair, getting a lamp, window panels, a rug, and the ever unavoidable “last minute essentials”, we are almost done. Yay! Time has flown (and is flying) so fast, and I can’t believe he will be here before we know it. I also had my Maternity pics this past weekend. My sister took these for me, and I’m in love! On top of that we had our 29 week check up for our little man and everything is going great. He is one healthy dude…we are so blessed! We have seven midwives at our center, which is located within one of Fort Worth’s big hospitals, and we are slowly making our way through meeting with all of them. We are actually doing pretty good. We have met with 5 of the 7 there and still have 11 wks to go.  I love that about our midwives. They never want you to only meet with one of them. They all want to know you so that no matter when you go into labor, you are comfortable with whoever is on call–and the midwives are familiar with you and your body, and your baby.

This experience was a pretty funny one. If you know me, you know I carry all baby and pretty small, which is fine for me as long as baby boy is healthy (which he is), but it’s funny to see peoples faces, and has been annoying at times when you get asked,”When are you going to pop” or “Are you sure you’re actually pregnant?” Yes. I’m positive (+)…ha little play on words for you. What’s extra hilarious however is when the nurse who always takes me back, checks my weight, blood pressure, etc (you know who I’m talking about), she’s been there from day one with me, not only does she do a double take when she saw I was 29 weeks pregnant, but then the midwife and 3rd year student have to make me stand up to prove it. It’s just becoming the norm now and you just have to laugh, I guess. But the highlight of our visit was when the midwife kept looking over at my husband and finally says, “Oh my gosh, do you know who you look like?” I knew what was coming… She says, “Do you know who Adam Levine is? I keep doing double takes like, oh my gosh, this is Adam Levine in our hospital!” We both just burst out laughing, to which I reply, “Yes, I’m married to Adam Levine.” “Lucky girl!” our midwife says. It’s true, Adam is some eye candy for sure, but I definitely think my hubby is hotter–so yeah, I’m one lucky girl! 😉

I wanted to share some of the nursery process with you, along with some of my favorites from our maternity shoot last Saturday. Hope you enjoy!

We got his crib on Craigslist for $60! It is an Athena Nadia crib that normally retails for about $200. It was in great condition, a really pretty brown, but the hubs and I wanted to add a fun touch to it, so we decided to paint it navy blue and I’m so in love. We, well more like he, as in my husband, used Valspar spray paint and it took about two and half days start to finish. He didn’t have to sand which was awesome, but he did seal it with polyurethane at the end–which unfortunately he had to do by hand. All in all, we think this was a pretty quick process considering I’ve heard it can take a while to do things like this. Here are some pics of the crib.

45254_10201810611531209_1992415856_nPhoto Aug 05, 6 55 41 PMPhoto Aug 05, 6 14 47 PM

I began working on his wall art the end of July, partly cause I couldn’t help myself, and partly just because I don’t like waiting to the last minute. ha I DIY’d all his art, which I was so excited about, because it made it feel just so personal! Here are a few pics:

Photo Aug 05, 6 19 39 PM

The pictures in frames are actually gift bags that I received at my first baby shower that I cut out and framed with some cheap dollar tree frames. The canvas with the Dr. Suess quote I made by taking a canvas, scrapbook paper, gluing it on the canvas and then I hot glue gunned the wooden letters on.  We are keeping his name a secret until birth so I have to cover up his initial and name, but the other canvas you see I painted with a giraffe stencil. His initial and name are wooden letters that I painted white and then added a special touch with some red paint. I can’t wait for you to see. I will upload the picture of the whole thing once we have him and his name is broadcast. Next, the vintage frame you see I got from a garage sale for $2, I added some brown paint with a paint sponge so it wouldn’t cover too heavily because I really like the sage it was already, but I didn’t want it totally green. This gave it a shabby chic look which I love. I bought chevron scrapbook paper, found a google image of a boys silouhette, printed it on regular print paper but then traced it onto sticky back foam paper from Hobby Lobby. Honestly, everything crafty I get is from this store. They are my favorite! The piggy bank was a gift, along with the stuffed animals. The only wall art I actually didn’t make was the wooden elephants, also from Hobby Lobby. I saw it and just couldn’t help myself. $14. I already had the shelves and the mirrors you will see in the last picture and knew they would go perfectly. We aren’t really doing a theme in his nursery. We love elephants and giraffes and so those are the two main animals we are using. (Every kid needs animals) But otherwise, we just wanted it to be raw and rustic (in a non-hick sort of way haha). Earthy and natural, rust red and sage greens with lots of neutrals. Wicker and burlap touches. Here’s his art up on the wall. *Remember: I have to blot out his name–these black blobs aren’t just some eccentric art thing I’ve got going on. ;-p



Photo Aug 12, 9 11 04 AM

His rocker($40) and dresser ($50) we got from Goodwill. My husband sanded some areas on the dresser to make it a little more rustic. All total for furniture we only spent $150. I’m a bargain fiend, and I get a high off of saving money so this is really exciting!

That’s all I have so far for Baby D’s nursery progress. There will be more for sure! Especially once it’s all finished…

Last, but not least, here are just a few of my favorites from our maternity shoot last Saturday. Huge shout out to my awesome sister for sacrificing her time and enduring the Texas heat to take these.

DSC_0039 copyDSC_0126 copy BWDSC_0157 copyDSC_0211 copy

These next three are probably my favorites. Our little family! DSC_0379 copy BW

DSC_0476 copy BWDSC_0494 copy


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